Google Now on Tap and app permissions

I’ve been playing a bit now with the new Android 6.0 feature and it is definitely great from a user’s perspective, as long as you are okay in sending that data to Google.

I think they have definitely done a great job in ensuring that they are able of harvesting the wealth of data from a mobile user, without forcing the user to explicitly run a Google Search (at least at the UX level).

At the press of a button, they get a search query that can be correlated to the app’s context and a whole host of variables from the mobile device. Definitely good for Google.

At the same time, I think there is a need to be able, as a user, to disable the feature per app. For example, what if I am reading work email and I inadvertently run a contextual search here? Or maybe I am looking at some more private information that I do not necessarily want to share.

Granted, I could do all of this all before as well… however it’s just a Tap away Now :-)

What do you think? Is this feature / permission already there and I haven’t seen it, or should it be added?

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