Games Corner: Hard at Work in April, Open Beta, and Building Immersive Experiences

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Another month of sweeping Platform must-dos over the line and another Games Corner edition, reflecting key Game Studio happenings on the Playground. To follow up with the latest Platform functionality developments, you can read the newest DEV DIARIES edition from Vorto.

As promised, we continue to share monthly bulk updates for all games featured on the Vorto Playground, to keep Vorto users and game communities in the loop.

What’s new, what’s up, and what’s cooking for Hash Rush, CSM, and WOTA? Hard at work, Open Beta, and building immersive experiences are only some of the achievements we are listing in April’s Games Corner.

Hash Rush: Work Hard, Play Hard

The Hash Rush dev team has regrouped their efforts to prepare the game for the upcoming Early Access release, exploring and implementing new features, including designing new game sounds. To provide a fully immersive experience for all players, defining a soundscape for the game has become a priority.

The dev team is also working on finishing and beautifying the mockup of the finalized UI framework based on what the players want and need in a game to better understand its options, opportunities, and features.

To encircle this captivating experience, the team is also working on the game lore, developing a captivating narrative to create a compelling universe where every Hash Rush character has its background story, place, and purpose.

What is Hash Rush About?

As Hash Rush creators shared in the latest monthly update, people have yet to learn what the game is about and who these blue critters are anyway. That is why the team is working on the lore, world-building, and questing system that will introduce players to a compelling gaming experience.

The goal is for players to feel like they are part of a living and breathing universe where everything has its place and every action has consequences.

Can You Play Hash Rush?

The dev team behind the game is hard at work to bring Hash Rush to Early Access as planned for 2023. The developers publish updates and progress reports weekly on the official Hash Rush Discord channel and the official Telegram group, so you can stay in touch with the community and keep up with the game’s development. From Sound additions and UI readjustments to backend and design updates, there has been a lot of noise in the mines during the month of March and into April.

Hash Rush on Beam by Merit Circle

In collaboration with Avax and Merit Circle, the team also announced that Hash Rush will be live on Beam. Beam is a gaming subnet created for the Merit Circle DAO to launch on the

Avax network. The Hash Rush team also had an AMA session with Avax and Merit Circle, diving into the details behind this collaboration. The subnet will house dozens of fascinating games and products to realize the future of gaming, including Hash Rush.

What Else is Hash Rush Team Working on?

Spawn post in Hash Rush

The team continues to update the Hash Rush community on weekly updates regarding adding new features and working on overall improvements in the game ahead of Early Access. During April, the Hash Rush dev team:

  • Set up factions’ behavior and interactions
  • Added camera movements and zooming
  • Create spawn points
  • Improved 3D models
  • Finalized forest level
  • Finalized UI drawing
  • Prepared dev build for internal early test build

The team is also working on the following:

  • HUB area and Farm UI improvements
  • Model improvements for buildings and other 3D assets in the Forest biome
  • Quests for Story Mode
  • Data structure implementation for buildings
  • Voices for units and actions
  • Server session improvements

Phew! That’s quite a lot to grasp, and the team is not done yet, so stay tuned for more weekly and monthly updates straight from the Hash Rush universe.

Cricket Star Manager: Open Beta in Full Swing

The team behind the Cricket Star Manager is keeping players busy with an Open Beta, which is currently active and in full swing. Players can register, log in, create their teams, choose their team colors, and start competing against other cricket teams and their managers.

Not all functionalities in the game are ready, which is why there’s still an active bug bounty for all CSM players.

Cricket Star Manager Open Beta

Players can finally test their strategies and skills under their team banners as the Open Beta is live. This is one of the most significant milestones for the team behind the popular cricket management game and one of many achievements on the horizon as the team is working on preparing the game for the next stage of development.

Weekend CSM Tournaments

All that training will not go to waste as you can compete against other teams for your spot among the best of the best. You can also join weekend tournaments and compete for more rewards as you train to become the next champion of the CSM universe.

CSM Adelaide Oval Weekend Series

This weekend’s tournament, Adelaide Oval Weekend Series, will be the most prestigious Cup for the week and one of many super weekends for CSM players. The top 20 players in the Cup will be selected based on their performance in the tournament and will have the chance to try the new NFT player system. Additionally, every one of the top 20 CSM managers will receive a special player on Monday after the tournament.

CSM Coming to Google Play Store

CSM coming soon to Google Play Store

The team also announced that Cricket Star Manager would soon become available for download as a free-to-play game for all devices, including smartphones. This way, the game can appeal to mobile players while expanding to more platforms and reaching more players.

World of the Abyss: Leveling Up to Level Up Fun

The team behind “The Only Real Oldskool Hardcore” MMORPG for Android/iOS and PC-level PvP & PvE, World of the Abyss, continues to work on designing new mobs and characters while adding new features to create a more fun experience for players.

New Mobs

The team behind WOTA shared their work as they are designing new mobs, the Putrid Mutant Beetle and the Crimson Mist Centipede. Among new characters in the game, WOTA announced adding Otto Goldhold.

Otto Goldhold by WOTA

The new bosses, characters, and mobs should contribute to the rich ecosystem of the WOTA universe and introduce more diversity for players.

Join WOTA Competitions

WOTA’s competition game is pretty strong, as the team frequently organizes contests for players. You can follow WOTA on Twitter to stay up to date with competitions, with a chance to win many rewards. From Boss Hour to triple-reward contests, the WOTA team often gives players a chance to show off their skills and win valuable in-game items.


The WOTA team announced reaching another milestone as the game marked 20,000 downloads. You can download WOTA on App Store or Google Play Store, create your perfect WOTA hero, test your skills, explore new worlds, and join other players in battle.

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