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Hello, Gamers!
To date, Vorto has been sharing our monthly updates on the platform functionalities & features as the DevOps team progresses in BUIDLing a robust games network for our community of Players and Studios. To provide increased visibility to the Game titles on the Vorto platform, we are starting a series of game-centric monthly updates dubbed Games Corner — your new one-stop source of all-games info!

We are so proud of the titles listed on the Vorto platform that we might as well rename our monthly Games Corner to “Gems Corner” (all puns intended). As we move forward and plan onward, we are sharing exciting developments and monthly updates for three fantastic Web3 titles: Hash Rush, Cricket Star Manager, and World of the Abyss.

Dive into the fun of Web3 gaming with some of the most exciting titles in the market. LFG!

Hash Rush: A Noteworthy RTS Web3 Game in the Making

As Hash Rush fans know, their favorite Web3 RTS game, a showcase title for the Vorto Platform, has been closed for players post-Open-Beta. The status of the game is set to change as the Hash Rush team just got reinforcement, with 3D artists, designers, and devs joining to prepare the game for its upcoming Early Access.

In the latest monthly update, the Hash Rush team shared the exciting news of revamping the dev team and continuing the game’s development, which also sets a date for Early Access within the updated 5-month Roadmap.

The restructured dev team is already hard at work on Early Access readiness, as the Hash Rush creators want to prove their words with a massive motivation to bring an excellent game to the table.

What is the Current Status of Hash Rush?

Currently, the backend developers are working hard to build the server infrastructure to develop a fully playable online game. The designers are restyling various gameplay features that’ll be included in the Early Access. The sound design doubles down on the effects for both the ambiance and the combat actions.

Players can already check out the sound design progress as the team works on updates, changes, and improvements.

Can You Play Hash Rush?

Hash Rush can’t be played at the moment, as the game is in the development phase ahead of Early Access. While we anticipate the EA, players can access Home Base Hub, a new twist to the main menu. The team has revamped the main menu and dubbed it Home Base Hub, a place where players build and maintain their settlements and track overall progress on the game. The Home Base Hub is entirely separate from the RTS. You can find out more about the Home Base Hub here or join a lively discussion on Discord, where the community also discusses the Crystals and the way to earn them through gameplay.

Hash Rush Early Access

According to the Roadmap, Early Access should be ready in July 2023, with completed testing and polishing of the gameplay, so that players can test the game and report any bugs to the dev team in July of the same year. Since Hash Rush values feedback from their community, players can also share their wishes and ideas while playing the game. The new biome's full quest narrative and 3D packages will be completed by July.

Cricket Star Manager: Manage Your Team to the Stars

CSM legends 🏏🌟 will be happy to learn that the team behind their favorite Cricket management Play-to-Earn game made some exciting updates on the recent activities in the game development.

The CSM dev team announced on February 28th via their official Telegram group that the latest test environment build has been deployed as a part of the new Soft Launch release! A full version candidate of the game will be deployed to production while the devs continue production improvements and strengthening the core gameplay centered around matches.

Along with the UX prototype tests and updates, the devs added the extended tactics screen to allow fine-tuning for players’ teams before starting a match. The current UI/UX version is only a prototype that helps the dev team test the newly added functionalities and features and doesn’t represent a final version. The test environment will also help prepare the game for the next development stage.

The good news is that players and aspiring CSM managers can visit and get their teams through the first steps of the game tutorial. The tutorial will help players get the feel of the game and test and try out management mechanics. The CSM team also shared a plan to bring more extended content and functions from the test environment to live servers week-to-week ahead of the Open Beta launch.

What is the Current Status of the Cricket Star Manager?

As players await the previously postponed Open Beta (rescheduled from Q4 2022 to Q1 2023), they can already access some game functionalities as a part of the Soft Launch and get through the first steps of the game tutorial.

Open Beta should be released by the end of the first quarter, as showcased in the CSM Roadmap. CSM also has an active Bug Bounty Hunt.

CSM Open Beta

The team is currently working on extended functionalities as players can test tutorial steps while preparing their CSM for matches. To stay in the loop with everything CSM, join their official Discord channel while waiting for the opportunity to train your cricket team to the stars and become the next CSM legend.

The pre-registration campaign is still active, meaning you can get your Mystery Box once registered and win a piece of the $10,000 drop in in-game items and tokens.

World of the Abyss: Your Next Web3 MMORPG Gem

Talking about rolling out new features and functionalities and deploying new game elements, the World of the Abyss team is rather proficient in that area. The team behind this “Oldschool Hardcore MMORPG for Android/iOS and PC-level PvP & PvE” game might be just what our average Web3 player is looking for.

In this game, players take on the role of a hero tasked with saving the world from a mysterious and powerful force known as the Abyss. As players progress through the game, they can complete quests, fight monsters, and develop their character’s skills and abilities. They can also team up with other players to take on challenging dungeons and engage in PvP battles.

Aside from developing and designing a new mysterious character and expanding in-game items for building characters, like creating new magical wands for WOTA heroes, the team shared the news on February 14th that the World of the Abyss has been deployed to NEAR Mainnet. The dev team deemed this event a significant milestone for the game, players, and collectors.

What is the Current Status of the World of the Abyss?

The game is deployed to NEAR Mainnet as of February 2023, while it is expected to see WOTA added to Vorto Playground, where players can trade, buy, and sell exclusive in-game items in the Vorto Marketplace and Store.

Can You Play the World of the Abyss?

The World of the Abyss is a fully playable mobile game for iOS and Android users. You can download the game for free on App Store or Google Play Store and compete with other players online in real-time.

There are four classes of heroes in the game: Titan, Archer’s Ghost, Fire Lord, and Saint’s Ambassador, and players can easily change types of heroes by changing weapons, which means that you can try out all classes without creating multiple heroes. Regardless of these and similar changes — like changing your hero’s profession — all your XP and in-game items you earn are saved. Try out Target Lock and interactive combat system, and join real-time PVP battles anytime and anywhere on the multi-level map with over 500 players at each location.

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