Vorto Platform Development Diaries — February 2023

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With fewer days and longer nights, the month of February has drawn to an end. We’re now officially at the halfway mark of our short-term priority platform development roadmap. The platform & engineering team have not let the cold, dark days of “Winter’’ go to waste, as we’ve remained hot on the trail to delivering critical platform features & functionalities earlier outlined to our Community. We are pleased to report on the highs and the lows for February. So buckle up, sit back, and always keep your hands in the rocketship, and LFG! 🚀🚀👾🤖🤘

Vorto is building out the Web3 infrastructure & developer service suite (tools) for Game Studios to bring the power of (tokenized) assets to in-game economies. At the same time, Gamers can effortlessly monetize their time, attention & skills with games they love to play. The Vorto platform services & API are already operational, with a growing number of games entering the Playground — but the development team behind the scene continues to work on ticking a number of boxes for several critical platform features, as highlighted below 👇;

🎮 👾🎱 Ready Player One

  • Wallet Connect Services is now live. Wallet support is now extended from existing Meta Mask support to a variety of other web3 interoperable wallet providers and forms the basis for upcoming wider Vorto/Asset/Value functionality soon coming to the platform, including wallet log-ins and the withdrawal or depositing of gamified NFT assets to and from ♾️ Player inventories.
Updated accounts home page with new wallet connect services
  • While we’re talking log-in, Players can now also use AppleIDs to create or sign into the platform & access their accounts. The use of both Google & Apple IDs will also directly support Mobile Game Apps in the future for Players. The expanding Vorto SSO (single-sign-on and authentication services) portfolio will continue to expand with these additions.

🏗️🚀 Buidl Together

  • Our recent integration to the MATIC Network (Polygon) is now ready for prime time, supporting a unique SmartContract per game model to deal with the variety of different asset minting strategies for gamified NFTs. More details on the first game to launch on this chain will be announced shortly.
  • As more game titles are released on the Playground, the number of assets, in-game items, and their attributes will literally skyrocket. To support sensible navigation & to locate items in-game through Search + Filters, We’ve implemented a system-wide overhaul on asset tagging, indexing ++ search in both the Store & Marketplace trading navigation.
  • Everything is connected in the interoperable world of Web3, so the development team has also started a unique underlying “meta-data” service adjacent to the minting process. This will provide a foundation for tying NFTs to their ongoing experience and NFT verification services. The future promises to see multiple assets moving through many chains across multiple services and virtual economies as they go out into the world to live their own “lives.”

🏫🎒🧑‍🚀 Developer Academy

  • Platform API documentation is now available online at: https://vorto.gg/go/documentation.html
  • In addition, Studio onboarding continues to make progress, with the goal of automating low touch, no touch onboarding for Studios and quicker uptake and launching of Web3-enabled games through Vorto platform services. Studios can now register with Vorto and in the upcoming month for initial integration credentials with a few clicks & data points provided.

🤖 Automate to Operate

  • System messaging and alerting services have been improved, with a shift to a new internal platform messaging service (i.e., for password resets, email validation, registration, invoicing, receipts, and alerting services). This solves a historical problem with Yahoo!, Hotmail & Outlook email users, whose ISP services were blocking communications with Platform Service messages.
  • As the Crypto markets continue to mature in the wake of industry scandals, Vorto has updated our T&Cs to ensure our customers ++ users are protected to the fullest as we seek a safe operating environment for everyone.

Scoreboard Barometer (Based on Requirements Backlog)

Sprinting Forward

Development Sprints are dynamic (e.g., the nature of lean modern sw development). Sprint over sprint items are added, priority changes, and sometimes falls short of the release window.

⚠️ Deviations ⚠️

In this Sprint II, our Service UI for Asset Withdrawals from the network to personal player wallets still needed to be completed as planned. This will be tackled in March releases along with the existing Sprint III + IV covering the first & second half of March.

March Development Release Plans/Path

Along with the planned sprint models, two major EPICS remain an ongoing priority for the Development team, as well as for the overall platform roadmap capabilities;

  1. Value Movement: across games network & payment rails (asset withdrawal & deposit / cash-in & cash-out services)
  2. Developer Academy: operationally scaling quick onboarding & game integration automation (incl. learn as you do integration — e.g., register, mint, make a drop, etc.)

Charging the Playground

The platform team has now integrated our 3rd title to the games network with QA readiness (SaaS front-end) while technical API asset minting work continues in March. More on the “Reveal” as we also launch an upcoming — Games Corner will be a monthly segment starting in March dedicated to keeping the Player community in the loop on campaigns, drops, announcements, and title releases.

Until our next monthly report in March, we’ll see you out on the Playground!

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