WOTA x Vorto: Bringing the World of the Abyss to More Players

3 min readMar 17


True MMORPG and Play-to-Own/Play-for-Fun fans will be thrilled to know that World of the Abyss is joining the Vorto platform as another great title featured on our Playground. Our collaboration aims to bring World of the Abyss (WOTA) to more players and introduce them to an exceptional, old-school hardcore Play-to-Own MMORPG.

This new mobile MMORPG title opens an immersive and exciting world of battles in a universe of dangerous monsters, bosses, and players worldwide. You can fight alone or team up with your friends and display your superiority in tactics and strategy.

Players can find a unique path to fame and fortune with four classes of heroes: Berserker, Archer’s Ghost, Ice Overlord, and Saint’s Ambassador.

Change your hero type at any time by changing weapons, and try all classes without creating multiple heroes — all your experience and in-game items earned are saved to your inventory and ownership.

World of the Abyss x Vorto

With the number of mobile players increasing year-over-year, with 3+ billion players globally already as of 2022, and the rising popularity of MMORPG mobile games — a game title like World of the Abyss will undoubtedly find its way into the players’ list of favorite Play-to-Own and mobile games.

World of the Abyss brings a Medieval-style fantasy featuring magic, monsters, and ever-popular PvP tournaments. With the Vorto platform, World of the Abyss aims to bring an immersive experience to Web3 players and allow them to seamlessly mint their gaming NFTs, win NFT rewards and drops in PvP leagues and tournaments, and build their in-game fortune while enjoying fun gameplay.

Players can soon access a dedicated Marketplace and Store on the Vorto platform, featuring WOTA gaming NFTs that can monetize their time, attention, and skill through engaging gameplay. WOTA should join the Vorto Playground in Q2 2023, allowing players to own, transfer and trade their in-game items. Vorto will continue to develop its feature-rich infrastructure for both studios and players alike as the world of gaming converges through Web3 utilities.

About World of the Abyss

World of the Abyss is a real-time mobile MMORPG game that implements a unique combat system with Target Lock, allowing players to experience the thrill of real-time PvP combat. Players can join PvP tournaments anytime, with over 15.000 players at each combat location. The variety of tactics is achieved through a well-thought-out system of battles and a hefty set of unique skills that you can use to strategize in combat against players or monsters.

Aside from the ever-popular PvPs, players take on a role of a hero tasked with saving the world from a mysterious and powerful force known as the Abyss. As players progress through the game, they can complete quests, fight monsters, develop their character’s skills and abilities, and team up with other players to take on challenging dungeons.


About Vorto

Vorto is developing and operating a Web3 gaming platform that includes an online Marketplace for non-fungible tokens, a cross-game interface for players to manage their digital game assets, and a set of tools and APIs for game developers and studios for easy integration. This allows developers and gamers to transact, manage assets and customize in-game applications across different games and networks from a single service.

Vorto was founded by a team of gaming veterans who recognized blockchain technology’s immense potential to revolutionize the gaming industry. Our core focus is making blockchain technology as invisible as possible while leveraging our rich and diverse experience in the industry to help both Web2 and Web3 games unlock the blockchain’s potential for gaming.

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