How To Mine Grin Coin (GRIN) — VoskCoin Mining Guide

This is an unpolished guide created on the launch day of mining Grin Coin — all mining has been completed on the official mainnet (not testnet) so this is as real as it gets. I will update this guide as new info & resources arrive.


Updated mining guide w/ fastest GRIN miner (AMD + Nvidia) + How to Buy & Sell Grin direct from the mining pool w/o Grin Coin wallet
+ Updated Ultimate Grin Mining video guide + how to sell mined GRIN

Why would Grin Coin be interesting to you? It is a cryptocurrency with no ICO, no built-in dev tax / founders reward, maintained by numerous decentralized developers, defaults to private as opposed to public (opposite of Zcash for example), and has been the driving force between Mimble Wimble implementation which will make for a lightweight & thus more scalable blockchain. Oh and IT IS GPU MINEABLE / Proof Of Work Coin!

Please refer to the official VoskCoin video guide on How To Mine Grin Coin

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Download Links
Windows Mining?
-> Download Grin Gold Miner & Microsoft Net 2.2 (required) ->!BnJ3TQIL!8ZNLCReOpOD8EsuRO8jL-A
Best overclocking tool for mining MSI afterburner —

Update →Download the latest bminer here for AMD & Nvidia GPUs this miner 40%+ faster than Grin Gold Miner —
+Having an issue w/ your mining rig? Increase virtual memory, I increased my virtual memory to 64 GB. Here’s a guide →

Linux Mining? visit and follow the official VoskCoin smOS Simple Miner setup guide & then review to the grin video for exact walkthrough.
Note — choose the latest bminer build & apply same copy+paste from below.

Update →Use the latest bminer build for up to 40% faster hashrate on GRIN

uri cuckaroo29:// -api```

Quick setup copy & pastes

smOS w/ bminer
-uri cuckaroo29://

smOS w/ bminer
-uri cuckaroo29:// -api

Relevant important links to Grin Coin & GRIN mining

Grin Coin official wallet setup guide —
Grin Coin official wallet download link —
Grin Coin block explorer —
Grin Coin grinmint block explorer —
Official Grin Coin website —
Compare Grin Coin mining pools hashrates —

Grin Coin appears to be coming to TradeOgre cryptocurrency exchange soon?

Grin Coin Cuckoo29

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