EU migration placing huge pressure on housing, say Vote Leave

Vote Leave campaigners in Cowbridge on Saturday

Saturday 4th June

The free movement of EU migrants is placing huge pressure on housing in Wales, according to Vote Leave Cymru.

That’s why the UK must vote to leave the EU to take back control of its own borders.

Vote Leave Cymru activisits will be campaigning in Cowbridge High Street on Saturday to highlight the impact of unchecked immigration on housing supply.

Speaking ahead of the event, spokesman for Vote Leave Cymru, Ross England, said:

“For as long as we remain in the EU, the UK Government will be completely unable to control its own borders, placing huge pressure not just on public services but on the availability of housing.
“Here in Wales, our beautiful green spaces are already under threat due to Wales’ housing crisis, but forecasted migration from the EU in the coming years is only going to make things worse.
“In the Vale of Glamorgan, for example, there are already proposals to build 10,000 new houses and to concrete over green spaces permanently. Many residents here also fear the added pressure that Turkey’s proposed membership of the EU will have on Welsh communities.
“Turkey, whose membership is already being fast-tracked by the European Commission, has a population of 76 million – each of whom would be free to come and live in Wales.
“That’s why we need to vote leave and take back control of our own borders on June 23.”