NYC’s Next Mayor will be the Resistance to Democratic Corruption


Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, Republican candidate for Mayor, New York City

Dishonesty and corruption are at an all-time high with the Democratic National Committee and the Washington DC insider, elites who control it. Those facts have never been as profound as they currently are and I fear that it has spiraled so far out of control that there is no return. Unless we unite as a country, tap into some common sense, and act swiftly.

What on earth is he talking about, you may ask?

I am of the increasing belief, that the same Clinton machine and its institutions such as the DNC that defrauded Democratic voters during the primary are now pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people as it relates to Russia and our country’s national security. And they are doing this in collusion and coordination with many in the mainstream media. Ask yourself the one question that John Podesta, the DNC, and the Clinton campaign did not want anyone to ask. Did Russia write any of those emails? No, they did not — the content was all verified.

As far as these people are concerned, if your dog is sick, Russia is responsible. Why did Hillary lose? Russia. Who oversaw those email leaks that exposed how the entire primary process was rigged against me, Bernie Sanders and all the other independents and primary candidates? Russia. In fact, if there was a sequel to that old Charlie Sheen movie, Red Dawn, I imagine that Hillary would be the co-star who nukes the Russians and saves America.

But the problem is, the Democratic party has allowed itself to be overtaken by ideologues who want to win at any cost — and even now, having lost, they continue to distort and mislead the American people.

That must be Russia’s fault too.

If you want to win, live and govern with honor, you need integrity. Integrity left the DNC train station a long, long time ago — and it didn’t leave with Debbie Wasserman Schultz or Hillary.

In politics, there are truth tellers and there are partisan hacks who believe Ideology is something else. Ideology does not walk arm in arm with truth and integrity. Ideologues always choose ideology over integrity when they must make that choice. And beyond that, are those who do not even consider integrity and character and honesty. All they see is the ideology.

Are Russia, China. France, Saudi Arabia, and nearly every wealthy industrialized nation in the world trying to hack and spy on each other — including during elections? Of course, they are. In fact, America is one of the leaders when it comes to interfering in other nation’s elections. But if we are going to blame anyone for hacks, blame President Obama for not keeping us secure and winning the race to cyber warfare superiority.

An almost comical, yet great irony is the fact that while the Democratic party bosses, their consultants and allies in the media trip over themselves to spout “Russia’s to blame” talking points — straight out of the McCarthyism playbook, we have done exactly what we accuse Russia of doing. It was then that former Clinton pollster and advisor, Dick Morris, and Richard Dresner (who started working with Clinton when running for Governor of Arkansas), went to Moscow, and covertly set up a full-scale campaign operation to elect Boris Yeltsin. They are officially, credited with being instrumental in getting Boris Yeltsin elected. Their work was truly miraculous. In fact, before the Americans set up their campaign operation, Yeltsin had a single digit percent approval rating. Lower than Stalin’s! But with the help of Clinton’s advisors, Yeltsin ended up winning by thirteen percentage points.

Remember one name. Seth Rich.

Who was he?

Seth Rich was the Voter Expansion Data Director at the DNC and had access to critical emails and data. He is the young man who was found murdered on July 10, 2016 — shot twice in the back, in what the police and DNC described as a “botched robbery.” Yet his money, including his wallet, were still on him.

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks offered up a $20,000 reward for information leading to those responsible for his murder. Since that time, many others have as well. Some believe that Rich was on his way to meet with the FBI when he was taken out. But the mainstream media refuse to cover it. There is a definite probability that Rich was the actual source for those leaked DNC emails. Not Russia.

At that time DNC officials, suddenly “discovered” that there had been a breach and that they must have been “hacked.” Yet reports indicate that they would not allow the FBI to look at their own servers to get to the bottom of it.

The deception, deflection, and corruption that permeates out of the Clinton machine, the Democratic National Committee and its Washington DC elitist insider consulting class, has never been more frightening for our country. Everything is Russia’s fault. And I mean everything.

America’s national security and foreign policy have been hijacked by paid propagandists and the potential for a catastrophic nuclear outcome is now very real. Fueled by a media cartel owned and controlled primarily by democrats, this deception, has now placed our country on the precipice. And just as Hilary, the DNC and their allies in most of the media defrauded me, Saunders and millions of primary voters across the country, with corruption and vote-rigging, they are now doing it to the American people.

It’s time to fight back, and when I am elected mayor, New York City will truly be a city that leads the true “resistance.”

Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, Republican candidate for Mayor, New York City

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