MA District 8 Candidate Brianna Wu (D) Damages $TWTR, Abuses Consumers

For GOP fundraiser/intern for Trent Lott Brianna Wu (@spacekatgal) of gamergate fame claimed for years that she had received death threats and harassment so severe she had to hire a full time person to handle the harassment.

However according to FBI files the FBI closed the investigations no actionable leads were identified.

“During the course of the investigation, the FBI San Francisco continued analyzing threats [redacted] by sending subpoenas and tracking IP addresses associated with the email and twitter accounts. No additional subjects or actionable leads were developed as the result of the investigation.

“In addition, during the course of the investigation, another victim of “Gamergate”, [redcated] was identified and interviewed by the FBI. [redacted] resident of Boston, MA, was also receiving threats via twitter, email and youtube. Grand Jury subpoenas were also served [redacted]. Due to the use of proxies, no subjects or actionable leads were identified. Based on the videos posted on youtube, SA [redacted] identified [redacted] as the originator of those videos.
[redacted] was interviewed by the FBI and it became apparent that [redacted] as a joke. Boston USAO was contacted regarding [redacted] and declined prosecution of the matter.”

In May 2015, someone using [redacted]. The caller also left a threatening voicemail. The investigation identified, [redacted] the owner of the Google Voice telephone number [redacted]. The findings of the investigation were provided to USAO in San Francisco and Boston. USAO in San Francisco declined prosecution due to lack of jurisdiction. USAO Boston declined prosecution without giving any explanation. SA [redacted] contacted Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General, Cyber Crimes, regarding this matter. The Office has already been working with SA[redacted] on the Gamergate investigation. The office agreed to take the lead on the [redacted] investigation. On September 1st, 2015, Indiana State Police interviewed [redacted] […] [redacted] admitted to making threatening calls as a joke. Based on the interview, the Office informed SA[redacted] that the State of MA will not be prosecuting [redacted] and will be closing its investigation.”

“To date, all available investigative steps failed to identify any subjects or actionable leads. San Francisco USAO indicated the San Francisco office of USA will not be able to prosecute any threats against victims or subject that are not located in the San Francisco AOR.

“It is requested that this investigation be administratively closed due to lack of leads. There are no items of evidence maintained by the FBI for this investigation. There are no currently outstanding leads for this investigation.”

This has not stopped Ms. Wu, who now campaigns for Congress to try to force Twitter customers to be prosecuted by the FBI.

(Ms Wu deleted her tweets on our about 12/21/2016, however there are multiple archives of the deleted tweets.

“If I’m Elected…”

“…been asking nicely…”


This would be a Nazi like abuse of power.

Brianna boasts of backchannel access to Twitter and other tech companies…

“Many feminists are…”

The following tweets have been deleted. However, they are archived on google wayback machine and @spacekatgal, frequently.

They were tweeted on 2/5/2016.

…However she has now declared them too sexist to fix.

Ironically Brianna Wu, a constituent (then?) of Rep Katherine Clark, uses the same tactics to abuse Twitter consumers as those she crusades against. Namely doxing & mob abuse tactics.

Is a Safer, Sander & Civil Internet Possible? It is if @jack enforces rules evenly and you vote Representative Stephen Lynch (D) for MA District 8, 2018.

(h/t) Ev Williams, Randi Lee Harper, Twitter Public Policy, Spacekatgal, Vijaya Gadde, Chris Sacca, House Oversight Dems

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