Can we talk about Black and Brown Women’s Healthcare Now?

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Today, we commemorate World Health Day in the midst of a public health crisis that will grip the public psyche for years, if not decades, to come. To fend off the worst outcomes among the vulnerable populations among us, we have implemented protocols that present their own challenges in communities of color where health care disparities have existed for generations. In time, we will find a need to address the fall out from the trauma of COVID-19, the anxiety caused by prolonged isolation, deal with the psychological burden of fearing human contact all the while working feverishly to build our way out of the economic hole this pandemic has created. …

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ICYMI: Yes, Congresswoman Clarke spoke with Deray this week on what is going on in America during this dangerous time.

Want to join Team Clarke? Here’s what you can do to help!


Clarke for Congress

Democratic Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke representing the 9th District in Brooklyn. Tweets managed by my team. Tweets by Congresswoman ✍🏾YDC. #VoteYvetteNY9

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