Six Months In Jail For A Selfie And Other Voting Dos and Don’ts

You’re registered to vote? Check.

Decided who you want to run your country? Check. (If not, take our quiz and find out which leader you’d be friends with!)

First time in a polling booth? Check. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of ultimate dos and don’ts so that your first time voting doesn’t end in disaster.

Don’t…take a selfie

Okay, technically it’s not illegal, but if you accidentally reveal your own vote, you could be fined £5,000 or even spend six months behind bars!

Do as they say and not as they do…

Do…know when and where you’re going

Your polling card will let you know where to vote. And remember, booths open from 7am till 10pm — #pollthenpub.

Don’t…vote your parents’ vote

Or your friends’. Or your other half’s. Or anybody else’s. Vote for yourself. Your country, your choice.

Do…make a decision

When has your Mum ever been right about anything anyway? This is one decision you need to make on your own. If you’re still having doubts about who you like best, take our quiz.

So many parties, so little time…

Don’t…vote for more than one person

Sorry guys, you only get one vote. If you tick more than one box, you’ll be disqualified. If you’re still stuck between two potential parties, have a read of our guides to this election’s most important issues and what the parties are doing about them.

Do…drink the night away (while watching the results)

Having a say in your country’s future is definitely worth celebrating. And the fun doesn’t end with at the polling booth — you can watch the results live (we’ll be tweeting alongside here) and find out in real time the next resident of No. 10.

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