The Beautiful Beast

When I was ten and on my way
to grandfather’s house on the hill
I slipped on black ice and hit my head
And took such a terrible spill
When I awoke upon the back
Of a great and terrible beast
I swung and clawed
And kicked it hard with both my little feet

When I tumbled off it’s back
And met it eye to eye
The depth of loneliness I felt
Made me want to cry
For tho she was a terrible beast
She was very much alone
They had paved and cleared away
What once had been her home

I told her I could not be hers
A home I already had
And if she would only lead me back
I would be all too glad
To be her friend instead of food
So then did she agree
That while I wasn’t much meal
She needed friends indeed

Then I was twenty and brand new
and walked the woods so cold
I met the beast once again
That I met at ten years old
She ask me why I had changed
From princess to a king
I told her it was because
This was how I want to be seen

So she lead me to the forest
And for seven days I tried
To fill the void that I once saw
Behind her tired eyes
But nothing I could endure
Would ease her troubled heart
So on the path to Grandfather’s
We kissed and then depart

Then thirty came with a whisper
That time was running out
So I went into the forest
And I gave a heartfelt shout
And I told her that I loved her
And she was all that I desired
Then spent the night in tears alone
Dwelling by a fire

In the night I felt her embrace
Her arms encircled tight
And held me till I could not breath
And brought eternal night
Now two beast walk the woods
Together hand in hand
One born of woman
And one reborn a man

This is part of My 52 Weeks To Better Writing, this is prompt number 4. Brought on from the woods I live in, and the Elpis Road Beast. If you’d like to read more, please feel free to follow the link below.