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7 min readFeb 23


SuperKluster is positioned to become the #1 preferred NFT Marketplace for the web3 community

If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen so far on SuperKluster, you’re going to love today’s update!

With the addition of our CTO Eric Ramsey to the Voxel X leadership team, it’s safe to say that a lot has changed in terms of SuperKluster development. Not only are we rapidly adding new features, but we are also advancing to an entirely new level of functionality for our future users and creators. It is with great pleasure that we bring you the most recent SuperKluster updates and tell you everything about it via this Medium.

This medium provides updates on the development of SuperKluster. The first update covers the implementation of Atomic Swaps, a decentralized exchange feature that enables secure cross-chain trading and lays the foundation for our very own VoxDex. The second update outlines the implementation of a royalty contract on the Ethereum blockchain to track and pay royalties to artists using the custom ERC20 token, $VXL. The third update highlights the addition of a utility contract that provides various features to SuperKluster, including creating challenges, auctions, leaderboards, milestone rewards, and more. We hope this medium showcases the commitment of the Voxel X Network to innovate in the Web3 world.

Because the community is the most important aspect to Voxel X, feel free to contact us with any questions or potential ideas for making SuperKluster your new favorite NFT Marketplace in Web3.

Now, let’s get into it shall we?!

Development update 1: Atomic Swaps

You read that correctly. Atomic swapping. Now, before we get into the specifics, let’s go back in time a little. We chose to make $VXL the native token of our NFT marketplace in the early stages of SuperKluster. This would increase demand for VXL tokens and, as a result, trading volume. In this way, the success of SuperKluster would reflect the success of our $VXL token.

At the same time, we are aiming for mass adoption of SuperKluster. To accomplish this, our development team must remove as many barriers as possible in order to reach as many users as possible. Fortunately, our new CTO devised a solution. Introducing Atomic Swaps.

An atomic swap is a decentralized exchange of cryptocurrencies that eliminates the need for a third-party intermediary. It enables secure, trustless, and direct cross-chain trading by utilizing smart contracts. The trade is executed successfully or not at all, offering advantages such as increased security and privacy, lower fees, and the ability to trade across different blockchain platforms. The atomic swap functionality lays the foundation for our very own decentralized exchange, VoxDex on which we will tell you more about in our upcoming Medium article on VoxDex!

By incorporating the Atomic Swap feature into SuperKluster, our users can buy or sell NFTs using multiple currencies with no risks involved. This enables projects to bring their own native tokens to SuperKluster, leading to endless possibilities for mass adoption of the platform and the Voxel X network as a whole. For example, the functionality enables a user to buy an NFT on SuperKluster using $SHIB. The function will then change $SHIB for $VXL in the backend. If the seller wants to receive ETH, the function will then swap $VXL for ETH and transfer the appropriate amount to the wallet of the seller. This all happens within a single low fee transaction, how amazing is that?!

Our new CTO, Eric, has brought this innovative idea to the Voxel X Network, among other developments. This is just one of the many positive changes that Eric has brought since joining the team.

Development update 2: Royalties

In the music and entertainment industry, royalties are essential in compensating artists for their work. However, the traditional system for tracking and paying royalties is often slow and inefficient. With the advent of blockchain technology, a new solution to manage royalties is now possible, one that is faster, more transparent, and secure.

We have implemented a royalty contract on the Ethereum blockchain using the Solidity language. This contract uses a mapping to keep track of the royalties owed to each artist by each distributor and triggers an event, “RoyaltyPaid,” each time royalties are paid.

The contract utilizes the custom ERC20 token, $VXL, as the medium of exchange, allowing easy integration with other decentralized applications and exchanges. Artists can register their Ethereum wallet address with the contract through the “registerArtist” function, and royalties can be paid and retrieved through the “payRoyalties” and “getRoyalties” functions, respectively. The “payRoyaltiesWithVoxelXToken” function allows royalties to be paid using $VXL tokens, with the requirement that the distributor has enough tokens to cover the payment.

The implementation of the royalty contract on the Ethereum blockchain creates a faster, more transparent, and secure system for tracking and paying royalties. The use of $VXL as the medium of exchange facilitates integration with other decentralized applications and exchanges, marking a step forward in using blockchain technology to improve the music and entertainment industry.

With our royalties functionality, we are bringing back the power to the creators. They have the ability to decide whether they want their NFT’s to be only sold on marketplaces that accept royalties, or that their NFTs can be sold on every marketplace even when they don’t collect royalties. By implementing this option, creators on SuperKluster have full power over their own royalties.

Development update 3: Utility contract

This month, we have added a utility contract to SuperKluster, which provides a multitude of new features that can be added to our NFT Marketplace. In order for you, as an artist, to understand the endless potential this brings to your NFT project, we have provided a list of the functions included in the contract. The inclusion of the utility contract in SuperKluster showcases the innovation that the Voxel X Network is bringing to the world of Web3 and demonstrates our commitment to Change The Way You NFT.

Functionalities added to SuperKluster:

CreateLootBox: Creates a new loot box for the artist and adds it to the contract.

CreateChallenge: Creates a new challenge for stakers to complete in order to earn rewards.

CreateContest: Creates a new contest for stakers to compete against each other to earn rewards.

CreateQuest: Creates a new quest for stakers to complete in order to earn rewards.

CreateAuction: Creates a new auction for stakers to bid on exclusive NFTs or experiences using their staked tokens.

BurnStake: Implements a stake burn mechanism where staked tokens are destroyed, increasing the scarcity of the token and potentially increasing its value.

CreateLeaderboard: Creates a new leaderboard for stakers to compete against each other to see who has the most staked tokens.

CreateMilestoneRewards: Implements a milestone reward system where stakers can earn rewards for reaching certain milestones such as the total amount of staked tokens or the number of challenges completed.

CreateRaffle: Creates a new raffle system where stakers can enter a drawing for a chance to win a prize.

CreateBadges: Implements a badge system where stakers can earn badges for completing challenges, reaching milestones, or other achievements.

CustomizeWallet: Allows stakers to customize their wallets with unique backgrounds, designs, and other features.

CintRewardsenterLottery: Allows a staker to enter a mintlottery and have a chance to win a prize.

Referral: Allows a staker to refer others to the contract and earn rewards based on their referrals.

CompleteChallenge: Allows a staker to complete a challenge and earn rewards.

Vote: Allows a staker to vote on a particular issue or decision.

Airdrop: Allows the artist or developer to distribute rewards to stakers in the form of an airdrop.

GetExclusiveContent: Returns the exclusive content available to stakers.

Moving forward

Now that we have covered three significant updates on SuperKluster, let’s acknowledge that our new CTO, Eric, has made a major impact on our development team. In less than a month, he has brought a wealth of knowledge, ideas, and enthusiasm to our products, and we are excited to see how it all comes together for you, the users of SuperKluster. We want to be transparent about our development process, so we will be providing regular updates on our progress and what you can expect from SuperKluster in the near future.

For the last month, it has been amazing to see the progress our development team has made in terms of UI/UX. We have added new ways of viewing the NFTs, improved the filters functionality to be able to find NFTs faster and more precisely, plus enhanced the overall look and feel of SuperKluster. We can’t wait to share the new look and feel with all of you that are reading.

This leads us to the next big question: Wen Superkluster?

As advised in our January EOM Medium release, we remain on track for a Quarter 1 2023 completion with a much anticipated hard launch. It is important to keep into consideration all the new added features, along with our security partner CertiK to perform an updated audit on the updated contracts to ensure we provide our community with a safe and transparent marketplace. We promise to keep you posted on the next steps from completion of the added features until the audit of CertiK. Once all the features are implemented, rigorous testing completed, key partnerships are in place, and the Certik Audit approved, we will be ready to launch the best NFT Marketplace possible to the growing web3 market. In the meantime, we encourage you to participate in our Telegram channel to share your thoughts and ideas on SuperKluster.

We appreciate the support and patience of our community, and your feedback motivates our development team to work hard every day. On behalf of the Voxel X Network team, thank you for reading this update and we look forward to sharing more with you next month. Keep an eye on our Telegram channel for sneak peeks of the latest UI and development updates.

Until next time!