Voxel X Network EOM Community Update: December 2022

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10 min readDec 30, 2022


The best way to predict the future is to build it — Join the Voxel X Revolution

Seasons greeting to all our VoxCitizens!

As of now, the Voxel X Leadership Team would like to announce that we will be providing the Voxel X community with an End of Month (EOM) community update, followed by a Voxel X Network community AMA on Twitter Spaces (or Telegram) the 1st of every month.

The Voxel X AMA Community Update will provide a summary of the month that went, including any announcements in this period and an update on all roadmap items, as well as an update on the current market conditions and how/if they have impacted decision-making and execution from a leadership perspective.

We were fortunate to have established Voxel X Network mid-2021 and subsequently launched our native utility token $VXL in December 2021 during a more upbeat crypto marketing climate.

During this time, we were able to surpass a market capitalization of $50 million, become a Top 3 Woof Listing on ShibaSwap, build a sizable and loyal community, list on the leading mid-tier CEX Bitmart, legitimize our market profile with a growing leadership group and associated advisors, all while developing our products.

Our listing partnerships team has secured over 75+ NFT, GameFi, and Metaverse listed partners in 2022, and the pipeline to approve them is growing, which will take us to well over 100 listings heading into 2023.

Voxel X secured a strategic partnership with CertiK, entrusted to secure the Voxel X ecosystem, and Mattereum as a recommended service in the space of physical asset NFTs, and IP.

So before we get to updates on the Voxel X roadmap, let’s first understand and contextualise the current economic climate.

Market Conditions

The bearish market is not over yet, inflation is still not under control, and the US FED’s hawkish 2% inflation target, along with the negative macro effect, means we should expect some medium- to long-term pain until we see genuine relief in the financial and, in turn, crypto markets.

The bearish market is a great opportunity to build market share due to less competition (granted, there is less volume, less liquidity, and less community support). This might not be in the sense of monetary gains, but in terms of building the legitimacy of the Voxel X brand into the wider community, there is no better opportunity.

This is why Voxel X’s focus has been on the following 3 areas in the bearish market:

1. Project profile: building the team through advisory groups, ambassadors, and partnerships

2. Product development: ensuring that we have a variety of product lines ready for the Market upturn = execution timing

3. Community growth: organically growing within our existing and partner community base

We have been fortunate to have grown the leadership group, which includes developing and promoting from within the community while also onboarding from within Web3 to build our advisory and ambassador base.

With the obvious turn of events in the ultra bearish marketing conditions there have been material changes to the roadmap in terms of timeline and deliverables going forward. The ‘End of the Month’ Voxel X Update Medium will ensure the community has regular updates on deliverables. We will always maintain the transparency and active communication that the community expects.

Voxel X Ecosystem Update


The Voxel X Network Leadership Team has come to the decision that SuperKluster will remain active for our partners and community until Saturday, December 31st at 11:59pm UTC. Thereon, SuperKluster will be reverted to maintenance mode until the platform is ready for its final release, coupled with a comprehensive marketing launch plan.

Please refer to the ‘SuperKluster NFT Marketplace Upgrades leading to Public Launch’ medium for more details:


The VoxDex development team has been working at breakneck speed; we have a working beta platform for the swap and have implemented more than 90% of the features. Let us give you a sneak peek ;)

VoxDex sneak peak live test mode

After developing all contracts, we are now automating the farming, single-sided, and NFT staking pool contracts into the platform.

Following the completion of this step, the development team has been working on additional DEX innovation to ensure we are offering more than just an ordinary dex, which will include the following:

1. OTC facility
2. Lend & Borrow facility
3. Perpetual facility — leveraging trading
4. Lottery facility
5. Token & Liquidity locking facility
6. Referral & User incentives

The team will work towards the release of VoxDex version 1.0 in the first quarter of 2023, and will work through the new features in continuous upgrades. Please keep in mind that VoxDex will not be released until $VXL reaches a minimum price of $0.10, which we hope will represent a reprieve from current market conditions.


Following the initial release of VoxCitizens’ video on what to expect from the VoxCitizens 3D avatar digital assets, we intend to promote additional content in the lead-up to the launch of the 1,000 VoxCitizens 3D rigged digital NFT collection and provide more insight on what to expect throughout the launch.

We expect to release the collection in Q1, pending the current NFT market climate. With most NFT collections selling at heavily discounted prices and most projects unable to mint a reasonable percentage of their collections, we need to keep in mind the value placed on each VoxCitizens NFT, which offers the following utility:

1. 3D-rigged Assets used in VoxelXVerse and associated partner metaverse realms
2. NFT Staking on VoxDex, offering passive income
3. Proposal and voting power on Voxel X’s future Dao, VoxDao.

Please refer to the whitepaper for more details on presales and release details:


In Q1 2023, the Voxel X Metaverse team will provide an update on VoxelXVerse, including a comprehensive overview of what to expect from VoxelXVerse, specifically the overall concept, maps, and future pre-sales for VoxelXVerse limited land sales, which will open the community in Q2 2023.


The VoxNodes project team is pleased to announce that the VoxNodes Network Architecture will be presented in the first quarter of 2023. This includes commercialization, which will include the VoxNodes presale outlay, which will be available to the community at the beginning of Quarter 2 2023.

VoxNodes is providing a solution through innovation optimized for the GameFi and metaverse industries, and we expect VoxNodes to be one of the most widely used defi platforms in 2023 as it solves one of the space’s most pressing issues. More information will be available when the VoxNodes Network Architecture is released in Quarter 1 2023.


With the team spread thin across multiple platform developments, we have decided to provide the scope of VoxDao development in Quarter 1 2023, begin development in Quarter 2 2023, and release in Quarter 3 2023.

The VoxDAO will enable Voxel X Network community members to make decisions for the entire Voxel X Network ecosystem, including ecosystem fund allocations, governance rules, projects, partnerships, and other decisions (SuperKluster, VoxDex, VoxNodes, VoxelXverse, or the DAO itself).

More information will be provided as it becomes available.

CEX Listing/s

Based on current market conditions, it is clear that the leadership team’s decision to postpone the current pre-approved Top Tier CEX listing of the $VXL token in conjunction with the comprehensive marketing launch of SuperKluster NFT Marketplace’s final release with upgrades was the most sensible course of action to ensure we leverage as much as we can from the listing in terms of maximizing both volume and exposure.

The listing fee, marketing expense, and adding liquidity, i.e., $VXL/$USDT, are all material in nature, and we must manage our finances accordingly. As a result, the leadership team believes that the exponential benefit from the listing to the entire Voxel X ecosystem must be timed with care; thus, we are looking for a market gap, the expected relief period, and timing it with the SuperKluster public launch.

We continue to manage discussions with two Tier 1 CEXs, with whom we have developed meaningful relationships. To maximize volume, we must maintain active engagement both internally and externally as a community.

We are also in preliminary discussions with other top-tier CEXs, and we hope that while we work through our first major listings, we can develop a long-term roadmap with other exchanges that will allow us to transition into that mid-tier cap project in 2023 and become a Tier 1 CMC Web3 project.


The listed partnerships team is working to increase the number of listings in order to maximize volume through our platform offerings, with a goal of reaching over 1000 by 2023.

The team looks forward to providing monthly updates on their progress, which will begin in the next Voxel X EOM January medium.

Strategic Partnerships

The team is thrilled to be in final negotiations with three major Web3 blockchain platforms about strategic partnerships that will benefit the Voxel X ecosystem by allowing it to onboard more projects from other chains and share resources with the leadership of other chains.

We are also in contact with major Web2 brands, which we anticipate will provide significant brand awareness and open doors into SuperKluster.

We are currently working with major Web3 brands on a strategic partnership level, which we expect to bring volume to SuperKluster and other future product offerings.

Voxel X Network Structure

Many have heard about Voxel X Network’s organizational structure, but it is time to share how that looks visually. Keep in mind we have been working through a major restructure as follows:

Voxel X Network Organizational Structure

It has been critical that we develop our structure to allow operations to run optimally, i.e. effectively and efficiently, and to streamline our operational processes.

The community now has single point of contact for each division; our leaders are responsible for their divisions and also ensure accountability.

Our primary focus has been improving Voxel X corporate governance, which includes holding structured weekly meetings with agendas and minutes and ensuring we have a trail in terms of decision documentation.

It has also enabled us to identify gaps in the current structure, and we have already expanded the leadership with the following newly appointed members:

Duke Monk, Operations Focus

Zeina R, Marketing Focus

Kim Groot aka Ubergeek, Partnerships Focus

We are excited to be in discussions with key executive-doxxed community-facing leadership members, i.e., the CEO, CMO, and IRL Web3 faces for the project; more to come.

We have also identified the need for a Head of Development i.e. a CTO, due to the growth of our development team. We have since shortlisted doxxed Web3 experienced full stack developers with a strong interest in innovation by solutions (ideas person) and the ability to manage a high-performing development team while remaining hands-on when necessary.

Please keep in mind that newly appointed leaders are in orientation mode, learning everything they can about the ecosystem and growing into their roles.

We won’t be able to grow exponentially until our foundations are rock solid, which is why it’s critical that our corporate structure is optimized and ready to scale.

Please contact one of our leadership members if you believe you have the integrity, competency, experience, and commitment to fill a position in the Voxel X organizational structure; however, please keep in mind that our vetting process takes time and is extremely thorough.

Special community notices

We would like to congratulate Rob and Anna on the birth of their lovely daughter. We acknowledge the hours of sacrifice they have put into Voxel X, and we wish their entire family all the very best.

Blaze too welcomed a tiny cute daughter into this world in the beautiful country of Finland, but even after becoming a parent, he manages to take regular vacations.

After 29 years, JohnPaul proposed to his now-fiance Rachel. After planting an unforgettable first kiss on the staircase of her house on Rachel’s 26th birthday, they cemented their love for one another.

One of our local UK community member Aaron Pierre partner Sette sadly passed away this year and in her honour he challenged himself to a sky dive and competed in a marathon.

Most of the Voxel X community celebrated Argentina’s 2022 Football World Cup victory, which ultimately means Messi has become the undisputed “GOAT” (for some), while France roughed up the games until the last second with a Mbappe hat trick. In summary, we were fortunate to have witnessed one of the best World Cup football finals in history.

After breaking his own world record for Sofar Sounds gigs, Voxel X Creative Partner Josh Savage supported Robbie Williams in front of 90,000 fans in Munich.

Naomi Metzger, a Voxel X Ambassador, beat her personal best while competing in the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, UK, on the same night she won a bronze medal for Team England.

One of our local UK community member Aaron Pierre partner Sette sadly passed away this year and in her honour he challenged himself to a sky dive and competed in a marathon.

Voxel X leadership and the core team have taken a step back and spending time with their loved ones this holiday break (while remaining in communication and working with a light workload) and will return back to full operations from Monday, 9th of January. This extended bearish market has taken its toll on the entire web3 community, and now is the time for everyone to spend offline with family and friends in order to reinvigorate and bring the same passion and motivation in 2023, which we expect to be a big year for web3 and crypto (if the 4 year bull-bear market cycle holds true).




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