7 Tips to Recruit for Customer Experience Excellence

At Voxpro, we pride ourselves on our unique and quirky culture, and our position as the world’s best provider of customer experience services. We are a company of over 2,000 individuals who each bring their own unique ideas, insights and perspectives to work every day to continue to nurture our culture of service excellence.

We firmly believe that to deliver a truly beautiful customer experience, you need to hire the right customer experience team. Our experience in hiring thousands of talented individuals who manage the customer operations of the world’s most innovative and disruptive companies has led us to develop a recruitment process that ensures we continue to pick the right candidates that can confidently voice our clients’ brand and values to their customers. My advice to any company looking to build a world-class customer experience team, is to follow my below top tips on how to refine your recruitment process to ensure delivery of customer service excellence.

1. Forget the Resume and Focus on the Interview

Experience is valuable, but CVs often don’t paint the full picture of a candidate’s potential. We like to run assessment centres that include tasks such role playing, group tasks and storytelling rather than running with a traditional interview format. This allows us to get a full picture of the candidate and their personality, and to see how they react in different situations and with different personalities.

2. Hire for Attitude and Train for Skills.

In Voxpro attitude always comes first, and we invest heavily in training to ensure that high potential individuals are supported to progress in their chosen career path, even if they don’t have all the skills on paper yet. Attitude in a customer experience role is critical, so we look for a service spirit in the candidate; some someone who is smart and who is willing to learn and develop.

3. Excellent Communication Skills Are Key

Great customer service is all about creating personal, positive connections in daily interactions with customers. That’s why excellent communication skills are a must for customer-focused positions: effective communication creates better relationships and builds trust.

4. Good Listeners Are Good Problem Solvers

A good listener will be able to ask the right questions and figure out the real issue behind a customer’s frustration in order to offer the best solution. In many cases when a customer is having an issue, they want to feel that somebody is listening and cares about the impact that issue has had on their day, as well as solving that problem.

5. Team Players Learn, Contribute and Innovate

Serving customers, especially in large-scale organisations, requires effective teamwork. Team players will build fast and strong rapport with all the team members and will be comfortable working in a collaborative environment with colleagues, management and even customers.

6. Look for Leaders

Leaders are not only great examples for other team members to follow, they are also excellent problem solvers, responsibility takers and decision makers. Leadership skills are critical in complicated situations when a customer expects someone to take the wheel and offer them a quick and efficient solution.

7. Seek A ‘Service’ Mindset

To effectively serve your customers, a person needs to have a service mindset, which means not only being always ready to serve others but rather a willingness to go the extra mile to create a truly positive and memorable customer experience and make customers happy.

By looking out for these different characteristics in your candidates and customising your recruitment process, you’ll find great success in building out a high performing CX team that will deliver your customers a truly beautiful customer experience, every time.

Originally published on www.voxprogroup.com on 4th April 2017