A Heart Of Gold

With a heavy heart, muzzled brain, moist face and red eyes; she texted her friend, ‘it’s over.’

That moment, everything seemingly stopped for her. Her smiles, her excitement wrapped in eagerness for his text, sharing her feelings for her man with her best friends, everything. She just couldn’t think of anything.

It took her 10 months to recover over her past and there she was, with even more pain, tears and a lot of regrets! The heart break made her realize how unfortunate she had been in love.

She slept anyways.

The next morning brought another set of responsibilities for her. Her regular 9–5 job, the household chores, waiting for the bus, texting her friends and finally back to bed.

Well, she was a good girl; fulfilling all responsibilities at her earnest best, taking out time for her loved ones except for herself and still managing that smile on her face. All of this without a hitch! Yet, she felt incomplete. No one could complete her except for him; him, who left her for his new found love. Nothing was left and nothing could be done! Everything ended on that one text and one click. Yes, he had blocked her from everywhere possible! And all she could do was, hide her sorrows with a smile and face the world. Little did others know that the smile which stuck on her face was not real.

The good old memories haunted her, she couldn’t sleep. Everything was so familiar, yet different. The only source of motivation left for her was her troubles, the reason why she worked and took over the responsibility of her house at a mere age of 18. She knew she couldn’t afford suicide, neither was she too weak to sacrifice her life for someone who didn’t care a darn about her.

She would try to look up for reasons as to why she was betrayed, ditched by the person she really loved. What went wrong that made him break all his promises, brought those ‘cute-little’ moments at a halt and made him leave without any explanation. What went wrong that the two birds who were once so much in love, had so much to share got separated without exchanging words. Only he could answer these questions, he who wasn’t there anymore..

She felt the need for him and she wanted him bad but knew he would never show up!

And all she could do was carry another pain in that tender heart and bury all the anguishes and bemoans under that smile. The heart, that still thinks it was all a nightmare and that he would wake her up and complete her little world.

Often, it happens, when you confide in a person more than yourself, leaves you all by yourself and you lose the power to trust others.

But no, this isn’t the end of the world.

It also gives you a reason to stand up stronger and face the world, teaches you to handle yourself at all times and become your own comrade, and that is what we call a heart of gold!!

That was what exactly happened to the girl. She stood, taller and stronger, ready to face the atrocities of the world and yet not lose hope. Though, deep down she knew it still hurts.

It hurts to see his pictures with the ‘other girl’ so close, it hurts when he passes her by like they never met.

It hurts that despite everything they shared, they became strangers again.

But wait, there’s one good thing. She has accepted all of this and is all set to start a new chapter of her life. And this time, the ending will be different!