Dmitry Buterin joins Arcade City Advisory Board

Arcade City is ramping up its Advisory Board with Serial Software Entrepreneur Dmitry Buterin.

Yes, the family name sounds familiar. Arcade City, the Blockchain technology based ride sharing project, is adding a new member to their Advisory Board. Dmitry Buterin, proud father of Vitalik Buterin, will join the Board and will share his expertise in creating multi-million dollar software businesses.

Dmitry Buterin

Dmitry is a passionate software entrepreneur and anarcho-capitalist. He is a great addition to Paul Puey (Founder of Airbitz) and Olivier Rikken (Blockchain Insurance expert) and will support the Arcade City Council to avoid the pitfalls that startups often experience.

The Advisory Board will influence Arcade City’s product vision and actively support the development of one of the first consumer faced Blockchain products in the market.

“We could not be more happy for having such an experienced entrepreneur on our Advisory Board. Dmitry has a great track record of building new businesses and also has great insight into the Ethereum Blockchain, through family ties,” says Bernd Lapp, Mayor of Arcade City.

Asked about his motivation to join Arcade City Dmitry replied: “I am very passionate about helping others to gain more freedom — and Arcade City is a great example of how we could achieve that with blockchain technology. Riders and drivers are free to transact between themselves, without a tyranny of a central authority or cumbersome meddling by any regulators.”

Dmitry will be officially joining the council for a public hangout tomorrow (Wednesday at 1.30 pm EST). Feel free to join us welcoming him on board at Google Hangouts (

About Arcade City

Arcade City is a decentralized peer-to-peer service provider. Initial service offerings focus on the ride sharing industry, with plans in motion for peer-to-peer deliveries and short-term home rentals.

Arcade City aims to reinvent the sharing economy by combining the power of blockchain technology, open-source development and a decentralized ‘swarm’ organizational model open to all.

Visit Arcade.City for more info.

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