Insurance Specialist joins Arcade City Advisory Board

Arcade City announces new Advisory Board member Olivier Rikken, joining as Blockchain Insurance expert.

Arcade City the Blockchain technology based ridesharing project today announces that Olivier Rikken will join their Advisory Board. Olivier Rikken is an expert in creating new insurance concepts using Blockchain technology. He is the author of a peer to peer insurance concept called New Blockchain enabled business model insurance branch.

Besides his proficiency in Blockchain related insurance processes he has been working for many years in the finance sector, government sector, logistics sector, consumer goods manufacturing/production industry and healthcare industry. In these industries Olivier obtained various experiences, mainly in business process (re-)engineering, project management, (interim) management, consultancy and design, development and implementation of IT applications.

„I am glad we found a Blockchain expert on insurance related topics for Arcade City, as this topic is something we want to tackle down the road for sure.“ Said Bernd Lapp, Mayor of Arcade City. „Combining our true peer to peer ridesharing with a peer to peer insurance. This will not be more cost efficient, but really will enable any Arcade City driver to run his own business, without any central interference.“

The Arcade City Advisory Board already has Paul Puey from Airbitz supporting the Council on various Blockchain specific topics. The Advisory Board will influence Arcade City’s product vision and actively support the development of one of the first consumer faced Blockchain products in the market.

About Arcade City

Arcade City is a decentralized peer-to-peer service provider. Initial service offerings focus on the ridesharing industry, with plans in motion for peer-to-peer deliveries and short-term home rentals.

Arcade City aims to reinvent the sharing economy by combining the power of blockchain technology, open-source development and a decentralized ‘swarm’ organizational model open to all.

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