5 Reasons to use VroomPACK!

We live in an on-demand world, where we can expect any item or service to be at our doorsteps within a few hours of placing an order. Be it a cab service, food, laundry, cleaning services, groceries or medicines, we are able to order almost anything in today’s instant gratification economy and get it delivered.

And yet, there is still a wide gap in the on-demand delivery market, one that can be attributed to market segmentation. When companies offer on-demand services, they differentiate themselves by focusing on a particular market segment. For example, Zomato and Swiggy only deliver food from restaurants, Grofers only delivers groceries, and Urban Ladder only delivers furniture. These companies offer only one kind of service, one that tries to cater to everyone, but cannot be customized by anyone.

Instead, what if you had a delivery service that was truly yours, one that could send and receive things from people you love and care about? That’s what we wanted to give to our customers with our platform, VroomPACK, an on-demand package pickup and delivery service that enables anyone to have anything delivered at their doorstep.

VroomPACK offers an entirely new kind of service to our customers. We want to introduce the service to you by giving you five reasons to order a pickup or a delivery with it!

Last Minute Delivery Needs
From patients ordering medicine from pharmacies, to retailers looking to deliver customer orders immediately, to individuals sending in last minute birthday, wedding or surprise gifts to their loved ones, VroomPACK does it all! Our super smart platform ensures that your packages are delivered whenever you need, whether immediately or in a few hours.

VroomPACK has got On Demand Pickups for instant deliveries, or Flexi Pickups for scheduled deliveries.

Real Time Tracking
Don’t fuss around and worry about whether your packages get delivered safely and on time. Vroom lets you track your deliveries throughout the entire process, with our live location tracking, real-time email and SMS notifications, and E-Signature and OTP verification. With VroomPACK, ensure that the right person receives your package at the right time, every time!

A VroomPACK package delivery in progress!

Fleet of Vroom Riders
Our riders are thoroughly screened with a background check before we onboard them. They are driven by passion, and make every effort to ensure that your packages are delivered safely. Most of our riders have extensive customer service experience and are vital to Vroom’s journey towards making great products, services and experiences for our customers.

With all this technology in one place, you would think that VroomPACK is a premium package delivery service. However, that’s not the case. VroomPACK’s slab-based pricing model starts at Rs.35 for the first five kms.

VroomPACK is available throughout the week because we know that our customers’ needs are 24x7. With our flexible pickup options, upfront pricing, real time tracking, and secure verification, we don’t just deliver packages for our customers, but also provide them with peace of mind.

With VroomPACK, Vroom aims to make everyday life easier for our customers so that they can focus on the things that matters the most to them. We also strive to provide the same level of service quality that our customers have experienced with VroomRIDES.

Can’t wait to experience your first package delivery with VroomPACK?

Download the Vroom app and try it today →> https://goo.gl/xTRRx8