A day in the life of a Vroomer

Every day we come across many people in our lives like the milkman, your newspaper boy, the businessman neighbor, drivers and many more. Have you ever wondered what a day in their life would look like? We know firsthand that the contributions from our investors, employees, vendors, riders and their bikes is what gives VroomRIDES an opportunity to redefine city commuting in Chennai. We want to give you a glimpse of who we are, what goes on behind into the offering of our services, our passion, late night meetings and happy times that goes into the Vroom experience. Today, we launch a four-part series titled “Life @Vroom” where we share the lives of some of the actors that power Vroom.


Vroomers is how we call our community of ride sharers who have so far given 10,736 passengers, 3963 trips in the last four months.

Aneesh Kumar, 35 years old BA History graduate says:

“I love long rides, it gives me a different kind of high. Perhaps that’s one of the primary reasons behind why I joined Vroom. Every day I wake up with a smile and hope to get as many long rides as possible. One late evening, a passenger booked a ride from Maduravoyal to Ennore, a 30 km ride when I was just planning to go offline on Vroom at 9 PM. It had been a long day and I was tired, but I decided to take it. The city was almost dozing off, there was minimal traffic with the sea breeze as a compliment. The passenger was a stranger but I ended up having a meaningful conversation with him. By the end of it, I expected the late night ride to remain close to my heart and till today I cherish that ride”.

Saravanan, 23 years old and a die hard Rajinikanth fan says:

“Typically my day starts at 6:00 AM and I go online on Vroom by 6:45 AM. My day literally looks packed from early morning to late nights. But despite the lack of sleep on some days, I get up in the morning with the same enthusiasm every single day. I draw inspiration from the people around me. Being a Vroom rider also gives me an opportunity to meet new people every day. I remember a particular ride when I was exhausted but I was obliged to accept the ride when I got the request. I gave a perfunctory smile to the passenger, I guess he sensed my state of mind. At his drop point, he said, “That was a fine ride and your bike looks great. Do you like riding bikes?”. I grinned and replied, “Probably the only thing I love doing”. He quipped back saying, “Remember most people here either do what they are told to do or work out of no choice, at least you do, what you love to do”. It took me a lot of time to understand the depth in that statement.”

Every job has its own benefits and challenges. Being a Vroom Rider can be taxing, especially with the Chennai weather. Our Vroomers are driven by passion, making every effort to ensure that the pillion rider is not just having a safe ride but also having a great commuting experience.

We would like to dedicate this blog to the humans of Vroom, our riders who are a vital cog in our quest towards making great products, services and experiences for customers.

Watch out this space for our next blog on the masterminds behind Vroom!