Exploring Chennai — Part One

We are excited to introduce “Exploring Chennai” series where we discover and travel to the most popular hangout places and offbeat locations across Chennai using Vroom Rides. As part of our first exploration, I visited the Kapaleeshwarar temple in Mylapore, followed by taking a stroll in the Theosophical Society which lies on the southern banks of Adyar River and in the evening, I visited one of the longest beaches in the world, the Marina. In this “Exploring Chennai” series, we also invite our readers to write to us about their experiences of traveling in and around Chennai and get featured in VROOM’s blog.

Majestic Gopurams of Kapaleeshwarar Temple

First on the list was the Kapaleeshwarar Temple. After booking my Vroom Ride, I reached the destination within no time, despite the weekend traffic. I spent the next half hour in awe, admiring the majestic gopurams and architectural beauty of the Dravidian culture. The temple built in the 7th century by Pallavas sits magnanimously stealing attention from the nearby seashore.

Tranquility in the Theosophical Society

My next pick for the day was the Theosophical Society in Adyar. As I “Vroom-ed” again, the sea breeze brought much delight despite the scorching heat. It was 3 PM when I stepped inside the society. In spite of living amidst the urban chaos, there was a sudden sound of silence upon entering the place. The Theosophical Society is home to a variety of plants, flowers, birds and trees. A relaxing lonely walk inside the Huddleston Gardens was simply enthralling and would always remain on top of my must visit places in Chennai.

450-year-old Banyan tree

Silversands of Marina

It was just 5 o’clock in the evening and the Marina was busy with her ardent visitors. Strong sea winds, long shore lines and the fine sand was an experience of a lifetime. After soaking my feet in the sea water, I sat on the powdery sands and was quite satiated with the experiences of the day.

Sunset at Marina

Chennai has a fascinating list of places which can be explored, seen, and relished even in the summers. Traffic is a big concern, but one can easily find a way out with Vroom Rides at least in Chennai. The smell of jasmine, the perfect brewing of filter coffee, and the hustle bustle of the city — I can’t wait to experience more and share it with you folks! Do catch up on our next blog of the series — Exploring Chennai in Vroom — Part 2.