5 Reasons Why Amber Rose Is The Biggest Badass

Muva inspires me

Women who are involved with men in the rap/hip-hop industry are usually seen as just objects of sexual desire and gold diggers. Amber Rose, former stripper and current business mogul and mother, has dealt with backlash regarding her past relationships with Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa. However, she used the platform she had and turned all the negative publicity about how open she is with her sexuality into an empowering movement for women.

Muva Rosebud, “Muva” for short, inspires me in ways that other women in the media don’t. She refused to just be the inspiration for “808s & Heartbreak” or Wiz Khalifa’s baby mama, she created a name for herself and is killing the game. Here are ten reasons why I believe that Amber Rose is the ultimate badass.

5. She’s the face of the “Flirt Cosmetics”

Estée Lauder, the company and manufacturer who gave us brands like MAC Cosmetics and Clinique, have just launched a stand-alone company that is based around a single product, false eyelashes. The goal of the brand is to “bridge the gap between beauty and the massive entity that is social media.”

With Rose’s 13.1 million followers on Instagram, it makes sense that she was chosen to be the face of the company. It’s refreshing to see someone who does not fit the media’s current standard of beauty be given the opportunity to show young people that you can be outside of that box and still successful.

4. She’s locked in an $8 million tour deal with Mills Entertainment

Amber Rose announced that she’s going on tour next year to talk about sex, and relationships and will include special guest interviews and meet and greet opportunities.

She said that she is, “so excited to partner with Mills Entertainment to launch my first live tour” and looks forward to sharing her stories with her fans across the world.

You can go to her tour website and “demand a show,” so she can come to your city.

3. She can rock multiple hair styles and still look fly

Many know of Rose because of her bleached, buzzed hair, which she initially was inspired with by Sinead O’Connor’s ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ video and recording artist, Eve, but she can literally rock any hairstyle.

Her 3-year-old son, Sebastian Taylor Thomas, had his own opinions though.

4. Amber Rose Slut-Walk

This past October Amber Rose got thousands of people across all walks of life to gather and stand up for the LGBTQ community, rape victims, sexual violence, and to “bring feminism back.”

Her vision for this event began after she was slut-shamed by her ex’s Kanye &Wiz who both made rude comments about Muva. In a song made right after Wiz’s and Amber’s breakup he said” I fell in love with a stripper/funny thing is I fell out of love quicker.” On the other hand, West said “ “It’s very hard for a woman to want to be with someone that was with Amber Rose. I had to take 30 showers before I got with Kim.” Rose took all this negativity from men who were once something special to her and turned it into a movement, and for that I will forever applaud her.

5. Muva is a mom

Aside from all of Muva’s endeavors at the end of the day she is a mom. Although, shes doing a wonderful job at raising her beautiful boy, she continues to get bashed for being a sexy mom.Yet, Muva decides to block out the haters and still be the best mom she can be.

Rose said in a People’s magazine interview,” “I read to Sebastian every single day when he was in my arms, and now he can articulate a sentence like no other, and he’s 3 years old,”

Check ou this video of him using his “high vocab” thanks to Rose.


If anyone tries to tell you Muva is not the biggest badass tell em

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