Introduce the VRES Health Point project.

VRES Health Point Official
3 min readMay 2, 2022


Hi, I’m Verry from the VRES Health point project.
This article introduces VRES. I have been thinking about the present VRES and the future VRES. We wish many users to join us.

VRES aims to find data sovereignty for personal data ownership that is not yet protected. And ultimately, we aim for the ecosystem of Web3.0. VRES is trying to create a new ecosystem by calculating the value of health data, establishing standards, and using Token to integrate it into systems such as data management, transaction, and measurement.
We will support a healthy life by presenting standards for everyone to exercise happily and implementing a Token reward system that can manage exercise data and health data.

All system information must be managed through a blockchain foundation. And we have to create a sustainable economic system. Therefore, participants can find value in the ecosystem and receive health care. Then you get a chance to be rewarded fairly.

  1. VRES will establish a standard by calculating the value of health data. In addition, it will be applied to the entire system such as data management, transaction, and measurement using blockchain technology.
    Example) The contents below are under research and development. It can be changed and added.
    - Value Criteria for Exercise Time
    compensation for the time spent on exercise during the day/week/month/year period
    - Value Criteria for Exercise Volume
    Compensate for deviation of momentum over the same time
    - Value Criteria for Health Status
    Compensation for ratings by categorizing health status
    - Value Criteria for Health Records
    Compensation for length and volume of health data recording
    - Value Criteria for Capabilities
    Ranking rewards for sectors, categories, and ratings

2. We will implement the Move to Earn (M2E) system to provide conditions for enjoyable exercise. Then node growth and a lot of data collection will create.

3. We use a variety of wearable devices to enable data collection not only for outdoor but also for indoor exercise. This will ensure safety in the exercise environment and enhance convenience and fun factors.
Example) Various equipment is being interlocked and researched and developed. It can be changed and added.
- Smart band
- Smartwatch
- Wearable
- Smartphone (GPS, Gyro Sensor)
- Exercise pad (project development product)

4. Research and technology development on data processing is required. Only then can your data be valued at a higher value. And we’re going to grow the data trading economy market in insurance, hospitals, fitness, medicine and so on.

All content is under research and development. Subject to change and addition.
Next time, we will organize the roadmap and schedule and inform you.



VRES Health Point Official

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