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Description of VRS Project and Health Point Platform

VRES Health Point Official
4 min readApr 7, 2022


Hello, I’m Verry from VRS.
Today, we’re going to talk about the Health Point Platform of the VRS project.

Our team believes that the world will be recorded, stored, and used as data. Therefore, we are planning to actively utilize the data, digital wallet, smart healthcare, blockchain, and virtual currency described above for the VRS project.

Everyone’s information will be recorded as data, distributed and stored in blockchain technology, measured in virtual currency, valued, stored in digital wallets, and used by smart healthcare.
This is the key flow for the VRS Project.

Even now, the world is changing into a digital world. At the heart of it, AI can be explained as the key engine in the digital world. But the growth of AI isn’t just going to happen. Just as humans grow through knowledge and food, AI also grows into machine learning (a technology that realizes functions such as learning abilities that humans naturally perform on computers). Machine learning is only possible with data, not books, oil, iron, wheat. Everyone knows that data is needed to grow ai. However, it’s not easy to get the data you want, even if you search and search. The reality is that it is impossible without the consent of the credit card company to check my actual card usage history.

Our team thinks it’s the “my data” concept that can improve these wrongs, and we want to make sure that the idea that data sovereignty is in us is established, and we want to expand the VRS Project to find answers. Everyone knew that data was important for Ai to grow, but no one seems to be collecting data and keeping its value.

Will my data be worth it? The World Economic Forum report predicted the expansion of the privacy market, saying “consumer information will emerge as an asset that affects all areas of society, or “new oil.” This market is not only collecting personal information, but is also expanding to the analytical marketplace that predicts consumption behavior and presents marketing strategies based on this.

The medical sector announced plans to provide a foundation for the development of the bio-health industry, develop new technologies such as microbiome, and expand undervalued tracks to recognize innovation in advanced convergence medical technologies such as artificial intelligence and precision medicine. I said that the root of evidence-based medicine is data, and if we call past medicine experience-based, we’re in the era of evidence-based evidence like real world data.And in the future, we’re going to have an era of data medicine.

The value of companies with credit data is skyrocketing. This is due to the increased importance of self-employed data. With the prolonged COVID-19 crisis, efficient and systematic business strategies using data have become urgent in the self-employed market. The company operates a small business sales analysis system and provides various services such as sales management, frequent customer analysis, and tax management to secure self-employed users in 700,000 places, and the transaction information alone analyzes 150 trillion won a year.

As yet, the data is not legally included in the concept of the object, so there is no ownership. When big tech companies like Google use customer data, it is only possible to regulate access rights in terms of personal information utilization. If data is legally owned, it will be easier to regulate big tech companies, increase the value of data utilization, and pay attention to legislative discussions in major countries around the world.

The value of the data now cannot be calculated simply. Once the core flow is completed in the VRS Project, we can propose a small standard for the global data market.



VRES Health Point Official

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