I’m so in love with my wife.

I saw her the first time when we were joining a “beauty contest”. She was beautiful with gorgeous short hair colliding softly on the shoulders. “Never do I have chance to talk with this girl” whispered to myself, a heart-broken boy, who had always been through one-sided love story.

Then I felt it, I felt my feelings for her was real and strong when we danced till my knee broke on that stage, when we, together, took care of each other’s outfits and when we held tightly the other partner at the end of the show. We started our relationship few months later.

Our love, to me, is very much like me. Consistent, obsessive and quite. There are ups and downs, constructions and destructions and there are things that still creep me whenever I think of. But I’ll never stop loving her. She is above all a partner that I will ever put my trust in and spend my life with.

We will get married in a few days time. People asked me if I ever got scared and nervous. I said no cause I have prepare myself mentally on the day she accepted my love again on 27th of Jun, 2012. We will never give up on each other.

Our love marked not only by roses and kisses, but also by intellectual discussions. Thing I love the most of us. Topics range from new presidency in South Korea, same sex marriage in Taiwan, women empowerment in 3rd world countries. This freshens our love and makes us respectful to one another.

Those above might just fractions of our 7-year-old relationship. I’m not interested in telling the whole 7 year chronologically either. However, the above is one of the best reflections I’ve got on the love I share with my wife. We will stay forever fresh, and complementary. I’ll give you peace.

I love you, Vợ.

Anh yêu em.

Hà Nội, 26/05/2017.

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