What makes leaders different?

I have asked myself a lot of times. What does it feel like up there? There, where you bear goals, KPIs and employees on your shoulder. There, where you face multiple facets of the business and constantly being chased by company’s growth.

At the moment, still, I do not consider myself one, but as having a chance to work very close to one, I may have a few words on the difference of leaders and the non-leaders.

The process of leading, managing, planning and monitoring helps you find yourself. Just imagine every time a person takes a great responsibility serves as a bigbang explosion. It expands on every side. Similarly, that person expands both skills and personality. In parallel with learning more about the organisation, achieve stronger job-related knowledge, he/she sees theirselves much clear. Thus, the higher you climb, the deeper you dig into yourself and see the innercore gradually clearer.

The journey to the top, therefore, is also the journey the deepest corner of yourself.

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