Beyoncé’s 5 winning steps for creating a killer marketing strategy you can apply to any product launch

“Lemonade”, the unexpected visual music album by Grammy award-winning recording artist Beyoncé has been out since Saturday, April 23rd, and it has already got the world talking about political, cultural and social impact of this new creative effort.

Here’s the quick breakdown of steps Beyoncé masterfully executed to achieve this buzz, and how you can make them work for marketing virtually any commercial product with a devoted consumer base:

1. Make a great product in the first place. Beyoncé has great musical talent and all the resources to create compelling videos which is essential, but today it’s not enough to succeed.

2. Show more work and make less announcements. The multi-platinum recording artist just dropped the whole album unannounced, although there were some rumors about the possible release and it was not her first time to release a surprise album.

3. Create a compelling visual story around your product. In Beyoncé’s case, the way to go was to create a music film supposedly inspired by her current marital issues, already covered in the media, and refer to struggles universal to the black community, her biggest fanbase.

4. Capitalize on the sentiment that’s already out and use it as an emotional trigger for your audience. Supposed infidelity of singer’s husband that was already publicized made her fans instantly connect to the story she’s told through her new music. Not surprisingly, they rushed to show their support in heated discussions on social media.

5. Now that you’ve got all the people talking, make your product exclusively tied to your preferred distribution channel so you remain in full control. “Lemonade” the visual album started off as a 24hour Tidal exclusive, the music streaming service Beyoncé co-founded with her husband Jay-Z.

I know you are not Beyoncé. But when life gives you lemons, you should make a lemonade. And then brand it and sell it all wrapped up in a compelling story.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on creating a narrative and making that special emotional connection with your audience.