How to gain followers on Quora?

This article will tell about how one can gain many followers on Quora. Quora is one famous question and answers site and India is the country with most number of users on Quora. Gaining followers of Quora is not very easy because millions of people write on Quora each day. However you can gain many followers and become popular on Quora if you know the correct ways of connecting to other users through your answers and views. These are some tips for gaining followers on Quora.

1. Choice of Views gaining questions.

When you want to write answers on Quora, you should try to look out for questions which will gain you views. If that particular question, asked via some one is related to some current topic in the world, then you are likely to get good views if you attempt that question. When you keep on writing answers to questions that gain views more than 1000–2000 views in 3–5 hours, then there are chances that many people will read your answers and upvote your answers only to follow you some day on Quora. Thus, you will gain followers on Quora gradually and with hardwork.

2. Replying to comments.

When you will write answers on Quora, there will be many people who will comment on your answers in comment section expressing their views about your write up which is allowed on Quora. You should try to reply to some of those comments as this makes you more popular among fellow Quorans. You should try to reply to those comments which are asked in a respectful way and not in any disrespectful or insulting way. Well, that’s the user’s choice to which comment she/he wants to reply.

3.Playing the Word Game on Quora.

You should play with words on Quora. Try to write answers with relatable, beautiful and expressive words which will explain your answers perfectly. When you write answers in point format, users find them much easier to read than reading answers with descriptive paragraphs. However answers with descriptive paragraphs also gain decent views.

4. Sharing stories or experiences.

When you write answers with citing some examples or real life stories then people like to read those answers because they can relate better to real life stories thus they mostly upvote such answers more than those answers which only have descriptive theory.

5.Write about very famous topics.

Mostly, answers related to various events taking place in India or answers on Beauty, Sports, Information Technology, Travelling and History gain many views on Quora. Popular Indian Quorans usually have given answers to questions related to Robotics, Life Stories, Information Technology, Beauty and Spirituality as well. Choice of view gaining topics is necessary to make you famous on Quora.

5. Try to Write atleast twice a day.

If you write more number of times of Quora in a day, the more probability is there if people reading your answers and upvoting them. If your writing is expressive and beautiful, definitely users will upvote your answers on Quora. If you are one active user on Quora then your answers are more read on Quora.

Hope these tips help you to write better answers on Quora and gain more followers.

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Thank you all.

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