Homecoming — or not

A strenuous and nerve wrecking day I have had. Coffee has become my best friend and this is very telling with my “givenchy” eye bags. Today marks the end of the Andela bootcamp homestudy session and the beginning of another phase entirely. But we move! I really enjoyed working on today’s task: some took me little time to get a solution, while some left me seemingly mentally deranged. I experienced a whole new level of cluelessness (not because I was) in completing half of the tasks. It was all because I was bent on being perfect to the later. PHCN and its woes didn’t fail to disappoint either in trying to knock me down to my feet. But this didn’t not keep me from trying to think and move on.

In trying to be perfect, we often tend to lose track of how much has been gained with time, effort and persistence. Yes, we ought to strive for perfection and evolve as time passes, but failing to see progress in ourselves, work etc. can prove to be counterproductive. There is so much beauty in almosts. From the very first day I came across the tweet above, it resonated with me and changed how I see myself in success, failure, when been corrected and so on. It also changed my world view on how I see people and their flaws. But I digress.

The major lesson I learnt from today’s task and my work around trying to get things complete is: just as world peace is a myth (my theory), one can never be entirely perfect. This is just a gentle reminder which will hopefully aid in averting overly criticizing myself and others. Week one is almost over; I see so much improvement and so much work to be done and skills to be learnt. This journey doesn’t stop here (how I wish it could, but if wishes were horses). It’s yet to be homecoming, but as I always say after completing or coming to the end of a particular phase, “we move!”. We move indeed.