10 Ways To Get Super Cheap Airline Tickets at the Last Minute

Ever been stuck with crappy airfares? You see the prices and you look like this:

We all have and it really sucks but thankfully there are a lot of options which means a lot of ways to get cheaper tickets.

I’m going to outline some of the best ways to get cheap tickets that I’ve used in the past to travel globally.

1. Use ASAP Tickets (asaptickets.com)

I’ve used this one multiple times when traveling. The majority of the time they have the cheapest fares. Always check their website first and get a promo code when you fill out your destination information. Then call with the promo code and you’ll receive an additional discount.

2. Use American Express (amex.com/travel)

If you’re an American Express member you can use this website and book directly through American Express. If you want to trim some more off your ticket, you can use your points too!

3. Use Skiplagged (skiplagged.com)

Skiplagged exploits airline inefficiencies which make this service super awesome. I like to use this for domestic flights. You can get some really awesome deals.

4. Use your Rewards Points

Have rewards points sitting around or you are a member of American Airlines, British Airways, Quantas, Southwest, or other program, you probably have an accumulation of points which you can use for miles. YEAA!

5. Buddy pass anyone? Bueller?

Have friends or family who work for an airline? They hold a magical secret ticket that takes away 80% the cost of the fare.

They gold the golden buddy pass, which allows your “buddy” — to give you a ticket where all you pay are the taxes and additional fees. There is no other ticket cost…. The downside — your waitlisted on whichever flight you choose. You may only get on if their is an availability, so if you are in a rush or have told someone you’re going to be somewhere at a certain time — this is probably not the best option for you.

6. Purchase your ticket on Wednesday at 1AM

Discounted fares that weren’t purchased flood back to the main computer system. Great time to pick it up ourselves. You can use ITA flight matrix to get the code for the flight you want and price and call the airlines directly to book. This is probably going to be one of the best way

7. Use a private browser

According to some myths, airlines store cookies on your computer and jack the prices up when you refresh the browser or come back a few seconds later. I like to do this just to be sure. . . call me paranoid (but I’m traveling all the time and it works for me.)

8. Don’t book your ticket on Sunday

I have no idea why, but tickets are insane on Sunday — just don’t do it. I’m watching you — no, seriously– I’m not.

9. Fly on the holiday

Flying on the holiday (Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, etc) can save you a whole lot, just because most people don’t want to fly on that day but rather be at their destination by that time, so airlines drop deals everywhere.

10. Don’t always wait till the last minute.

Even though booking last minute can get you some phenomenal deals, if you want to cash in and not worry about the headache you can always book 60–90 days in advance. hahahaha who am I kidding as if I know where I’m going 60 days ahead of time 😀

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Originally published at vyasapalffy.com on February 19, 2016.