Take the BLACKOUT Challenge

How long can you go without technology?

Force-fed information, brainwashed and creatively stifled. That’s how I would sum up what’s happening to me when I sit in front of my computer all day working or browsing facebook (or other countless social media platforms) and wasting precious life. It’s funny that a few years back I was never like this. . . and now I am.

Even worse, spending time outside on a beautiful day with my phone tied like a chain to me.

This is getting ridiculous. . .

Worse off — I realized it wasn’t just me, every one else is doing it too.

It’s a smartphone addiction. Engaging with our smartphone helps us to remain intact with this virtual “safe” world we’ve created. It’s easier to stand in a room waiting for your doctor’s appointment if you sit staring into your phone than to talk to the person next to you and engage in a conversation.

Information Overload

I recently also started hearing about information overload — it’s becoming a more frequented term. It’s a term I realized I was becoming prey to. Our minds love information, but too much too soon can put us in this paralyzed mental state. Especially with all these different advertisers vying for our attention and constant flows of both necessary and unnecessary information. It’s the going in circles without stopping to smell the roses type of deal because your nose is in your social feed.

The Secret To Success & A Happier Life

*Note this won’t make a super happy fulfilled life - (but it puts you one step closer on the path there).

Here’s the thing: if you want to get things done — achieve your goals and create success in your life, we need to limit our consumption and instead inspire our creative abilities outside the virtual realm. We need to engage with the people around us and the environment we are in.

This means that every once in awhile (that does not mean just for 20 minutes — think longer stretches of time) take a break from browsing facebook, refreshing your twitter feed and pinning on Pinterest — and do something different. Don’t take your phone with you, unless you need it incase of emergency (no other reasons are excusable) and do something different.

I’m challenging anyone that reads this article to ONE FULL DAY of no technology. This means no iPads, iPhones, android devices, computers of any type or form, reading is alright (but try to keep it fiction) and use this day to do something extraordinary with your life that you wouldn’t do on a regular basis.

I meditate and practice yoga or go for an extra long run, it may not be extraordinary to most, but for me, engaging with my surroundings and nature in this way creates a surreal feeling, a more fulfilling feeling, than sitting behind my computer all day.

Once you can do one full day, try a week (I know for some this isn’t possible due to work, just try not using the computer outside of work hours browsing media that isn’t work)

Then once you’ve completed the challenge and you’re feeling like a million bucks — post this to all your feeds:

and challenge 3 FRIENDS to this challenge. Let’s cheer up the world and help egg on a brighter and happier future.

I’ve set up a day event on facebook. If you’d like to join and do it on the same day as us that’d be cool: https://www.facebook.com/events/1017289391698475/

You could share this event on your timeline if you’d like or on twitter.

I’ll keep you updated on the event via fb and via email. You can get alerts from me right in your inbox when you click here.

Better yet, when you do take this challenge it will be helping raise awareness around deforestation. We need more trees now than iPhones. My email list at OneBookDaily is hosting this radical giveaway where I plant a tree every time someone donates $20. If you think that sounds like a cool idea — onebookdaily.com/giveaway


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