The Vybe Team

August 2022

One year ago, we founded Vybe. Since, we’ve been building an app that lets content creators extract their value off social media sites. We’re a diverse team of nine people, based in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Miami, Phoenix, Dubai, India and Colombia, who are excited about using blockchain tech to build a better future.

Dug Popovich — Founder and CEO, Washington, D.C.. Dug runs Vybe. Separately, he is a Case Officer (C/O) for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Prior, he was a Foreign Service Officer (FSO) for State Department. In all, he and his family spent 15 years overseas, including a tour in Iraq and two as Chief of Station (COS) in Latin American countries. He has been captivated by cryptocurrency since January 2014, and has degrees from the University of San Diego and Yale. In his free time, he does cryptocurrency. Instagram: Firebasez.

The Pop fam

Akash Aurora — Co-Founder, Miami and Dubai. Akash is a die-Hard entrepreneur, visionary, mentor, dreamer, creator, fin-tech enthusiast, technology child, and budding philanthropist. He has managed, founded, co-founded, mentored, and exited multiple tech startups. In 1999, he advised the Government of Dubai on Internet and Technology, then helped conceptualize and execute (as part of the founding team) Dubai Internet City as the Silicon Valley of the Middle East. He is CEO of IdeaTree Inc., which consists of a passionate team of industry experts, advisors, innovators, and founders whose experience and dedication help mentor future entrepreneurs to build disruptive startups. He also serves on the Boards of JanuaryFirst, ePaisa, eatOS, eFlix, tq6, and t20. He has attended the Owners Presidents Management Program (OPM), Managing Negotiations & Decision Making Process (MNDP), and YPO President’s programs at Harvard Business School, and the Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program at The Wharton School. Personally, “Slash” loves travelling, connecting and flowing with his fate in the stars.

Running with the bulls

Arman Kapoor — Project Manager, Los Angeles, California. Arman is an entrepreneur with experience building startups, Customer Success Management, Customer Support, and Partnerships. Skilled in Project Management, QA Testing, Team Building, Negotiation and Customer Support, he has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.) and Global Supply Chain Management from California State University, and a degree in Social and Behavioral Science from Santa Monica College.

He was living in Paris…

Ravi Dhar — Lead Developer, Mumbai. Ravi is a Blockchain Developer and Data Scientist with experience in cloud solutions architecture, decentralized AI enablers, dApps, cryptocurrency programing, non-fungible token (NFT) development and project management. He enjoys working from his laptop on the open road and hill stations. He manages a team of four devs and has experience in:

  • Hybrid serverless multi cloud environments like viz AWS, GCP and Azure;
  • The transformation of complex IT application landscapes;
  • The optimization of development processes and solution architecture using devsecops;
  • Implementing Agil, Waterfall and Agile Devops;
  • MLOps Platform implementation experience with Apache Spark, Google Datalab, AWS Sagemaker, Azure Ai/ML Studio;
  • Data Lake experience on Azure, AWS and GCP with familiarity around services like Lake formations and Cloud Storage.
  • Responsible for architecting CI/CD solutions on cloud using Self hosted runners and functions as a service (faas)
Ravi in the foothills of the Himalayas

Blake Marum — Business Development Manager, Phoenix, Arizona. Blake grew up in Tucson and graduated from the University of Arizona. He has broad experience in construction, real estate development, and management, and is building Vybe’s business engagement and strategic partnerships. He’s also a Paramedic and Firefighter committed and dedicated to his community. He donates countless hours of his positive energy to bettering his community through philanthropy. He’s a Green Panther and loves vybn with good souls in the great outdoors. Bear down.

Meghan, and Blake, working out-of-doors

Shreyash Shah — UX & Design, Mumbai. Shreyash focuses on user-needs, leveraging research and design to create clean interfaces that enhance user experience. He has a Masters in Design from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, and his creative soul and good vybes energizes those around him.

Good energy, good vybes

Akhilesh Prabhakar — Backend Developer, Himachal. Prabhakar is a creative backend developer who specialize in developing APIs. He live in the beautiful state of Himachal, India, and his hobbies include playing games like Badminton, Cricket and mobile games like Pubg & COC. He also loves watching movies and shows.

Akhi working in open roads and blue sky.

Pankaj Dhurandhar —Frontend Developer, Chhattisgarh, India. Pankaj is a Frontend Developer who lives in Chhattisgarh and enjoys playing chess and painting.

Checkmate, ladies.

The Vybe team also includes developer Shahin Kunnath and Quality Assurance Specialists Joyce Lacap and Ronalyn Saraza.



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