Vybe’s Early Adopter Program

20 May 2022

The days got away from me.

On 20 May 2022, we opened our Early Adopter Program. This lasts 72 days, until 1 August 2022. On 1 August 2022, we’ll launch the beta version of our Vybe mining app. At that point, the app will be public and anyone can use it to mine VYBE.

The app connects your social media and content creator sites to your Algorand cryptocurrency wallet and automatically deposits cryptocurrency in your wallet for the engagement (likes) you get on your creator sites. It tokenizes likes and converts them into a reserve currency called VYBE. VYBE captures the value of the content you create, transfers it off-site, and lets you convert it into other assets. With VYBE, you can mine your social media and get paid to post. You can read the whitepaper here.

Vybe’s Pre-Launch Roadmap.

Creators who register during this pre-launch period will become Early Adopters. Early Adopters choose their user-names first and get a low user number, which is almost meaningless but kinda fun — i.e., Satoshi (1) was the first Bitcoin user, Hal Finny (2) was the second… The first 1,000 Early Adopters will also get 10,000 VYBE deposited into their Algorand wallet when the app launches. Vybe is limiting the Early Adopter program to the first 2,000 people.

“Dear Chloe, I’m an Early Adopter now…”

You can request access to the program here:


Only one EA status per person. A wallet can only be linked to one EA. Thanks for your interest! Follow us on social media for more updates:


Reddit: Vybe_Crypto

Instagram: Vybe_Crypto

Discord: Vybe_Crypto

Gettr: Vybe_Crypto

YouTube: Vybe_Crypto

TickTok: Vybe_Crypto

Telegram: Vybe_Crypto

Twitter: @VybeCrypto



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