#1 mindful lesson

They say that when life hits you so hard, try to imagine the worst scenario possible about your case. Then try to think that someone out there goes through things worse than that of your, and after that, as if it magically happens, you will feel better. However, in reality, it is not always the case. Why? Simple. It is one thing to compare your bad situation with those of others, and it is quite another to actually take joy in others’ bad situations, bearing in your mind the fact that someone is facing situations far worse than you are. The former might be simple to do, but the latter is not. This is the case because as each single person is unique in his own way, so is his situation, however bad it is, different from those of others. True, you can try to pretend to feel relieved, knowing that your problem is less worrisome than others’ problems, but deep down inside, no such thing as the feeling of relief deriving from an irrational comparison of one’s bad situation with those of others actually exists. Hence, I daresay that this fallacious method is just a mean undertaken by a person who refuses to face the problem head-on.
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