5 Holiday Commercials That Will Make You Forget They’re Selling You Something

Christmas time is such an important time for my family and I so it pains me to be away. I’ve decorated my hotel room and have watched just about every classic Christmas movie created. I’ve noticed some pretty solid commercials in the mix this year. I’m counting down my top 5 favorite holiday commercials for 2014!

5. Folgers: Baby & Grandma on Christmas

Here’s a classic heart string tugger. Thank you Folgers for nestling this sweet baby in the arms of its adoring grandmother. There’s hints of nostalgia, humor, and love—all the makings of a really great commercial. The pitch is selling you a nice cup of joe, which to be fair, you probably need after a new baby.

4. Famous Footwear: Meeting the Family

If you’ve ever been in somewhat of a serious relationship you have had to endure the first meeting of the family. I am thankful because I have amazing in laws and they never put me through the ringer, but boy have I heard horror stories. Famous Footwear is selling us the idea that if we buy some of their shoes it will give us the confidence to win our significant other’s family over. Though they can’t guarantee it, new shoes may be a good step (see what I did there) in the right direction for lookin’ good! At the very least maybe the cousin will offer you fashion snaps over egg nog.

3. Apple: The Song

*TEARS* This commercial was so beautiful and emotion driven. It took me a while to find it because I literally couldn’t remember the brand associated with it, but I remembered the rest of the commercial so vividly. Much like the Folgers commercial from earlier, there’s nostalgia, there’s another cute grandma and her grandchild, but more than that there’s a love story that we get a secret peek into. I think we’re led to assume that the husband has passed on. The granddaughter has taken a record that the grandmother recorded and added new original guitar tracks to the background. The grandmother recorded the audio while she and her husband we’re still dating, as a keepsake to go along with him to war. Apple does a wonderful job blending this most thoughtful gift with the features its products offer.

2.Samsung: Kristen & Dax Home for the Holidays

OMG cuteness overload right? This commercial feels like you’re hanging out with your pregnant best friend and her doting husband. It feels very real, not staged, assuming that you’re completely wired with Samsung products already. We’re following Kristen & Dax throughout their day as they prepare for Christmas. Samsung does a great job displaying their products and how us normal folks can integrate them in our day to day. I mean seriously, who doesn’t want to start a fire on their TV? Definitely easier clean up!

1.KMART: Pregnant Santa Baby Ladies

Winner winner chicken dinner! Everytime I see this commercial I am just in amazement. I was convinced that these ladies were rocking fake baby bumps, but after massive research (trolling Kmart’s social) I discovered that these ladies are indeed preggers. This dance would be a struggle for someone with little rhythm as is, add in a growing human being and I get exhausted just thinking about it. The main reason they’re number one in my book for brands with holiday commercials is because who better to get advice from for comfortable pajamas than pregnant ladies? Well done Kmart, well done.

Merry Christmas ya’ll!


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