Would LeBron James actually leave “the land” again???

Two years ago, the rumors were flying around hot & heavy for days. If there was any truth to them — this whopper of a story — was gonna make “the decision” debacle a distant memory. Sports Center, social media, talk radio, each were reporting conflicting versions of the rumor. All the while the city of Cleveland was bursting with anticipation.

Me, I thought it was a twisted joke, a meager attempt to capture some NBA headlines in the middle of a slow summer. After all, the Heat had become my favorite team because of him — after winning 2 CHIPS in 4 years — no way he leaving South Beach. Just when I thought I’d convinced all my coworkers — that they were fools for even considering any truth to those ridiculous rumors — my favorite player shockingly announced “he was coming home.” ……I was speechless!

The videos images will burn in my memory forever, as I watched herds of mostly white fans taking to the streets of Cleveland to celebrate the burning of Cavs #23 jerseys. As a black man, It struck me as a chilling unforgivable act, reminiscing of an ugly era of past American history.

And for what? Because a basketball player decided to make a business decision for himself & his family’s benefit? These out of control freak fans took their led from classless team owner Dan Gilbert — who’s bitter letter to them blasting LeBron’s departure — was reminiscing of a plantation owner’s sworn vengeance against a prized escaped slave.

Obviously, my views were not the same as shared by LeBron — I marveled at his capacity to forgive & forget — because the prodigal son did return home — after some crow eating & apologizes by all parties involved.

Which fast forwards events to this years finals. Presently the Cavilers are trailing 3 games to 1 in the best of 7 games series. Game 5 will be played Monday night in Oakland, where the defending champion Warriors are expected to deliver the knockout punch. That result may now be in doubt since Warrior’s Forward Draymond Green has been suspended for Game 5 — due to excessive flagrant fouls. Despite that, this finals back 2 back repeat matchup is the series most basketball fans wanted to see — with LeBron’s main supporting cast this time mostly healthy.

Unless a 3 straight wins miracle occurs — this will LeBron’s 5th finals lost — his 3rd in a row & 3rd as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Yet, throughout all the other loses, I’ve never seen him so visibly frustrated as I have this series. ESPN reporter Steven A. Smith has been speculating since March, LeBron’s desire to again leave Cleveland — hopefully after fulfilling a Championship title for “the ‘land.”

In my view, LeBron’s outward displays of frustration — are a realization that he may be unable to compete his mission — with this group as presently structured. Kevin Love & to a lesser degree, Kyrie Irving’s approach to the game appear to be bad fits around LeBron’s psyche. While both are very good 3 point shooters, their lapses on defense, cause breakdowns for the team’s defensive concepts.

But that’s not their worst offense. As talented as he is, LeBron is not a alpha dawg killer on the court — in the mode of MJ, Kobe, AI & DWade for that matter — his jump shot, not consistent enough to confidently play that role. His game is more that of a pass first facilitator — who’s at his best supporting that “scoring assassin” during crunch time segments of the game.

So far, Love or Kyrie has yet to prove that they are qualified to fulfill that role. At 31 with 13 NBA seasons played, extended time for future CHIP’s are not on his side. With the clock ticking — LeBron could exercise the yearly opt out clause — he had placed in his contract — thus allowing him to become a free agent at the end of this season.

With the NBA salary cap due to increase next season — would LeBron really leave Cleveland’s title hopes unfulfilled again? Will Dan Gilbert flip the hell out again? Will Cavs fans burn their replacement jersey’s again?

One thing for certain & two things for sure, with LeBron possibly joining Kevin Durant — in free agency — two of the league’s biggest super stars switching teams — in the same off season — this summer promises to be anything else but slow.

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