A new start at my 25

I am 25 years old. I have worked for almost 2 years as a civil engineer in a large architecture and structure design company. I know i don’t love this job from the start, but i don’t have other choices. I am a graduate student, indicating i have learned civil engineering for almost 7 years. That is a chunk time of life. if i choose another job totally irrelevant with civil engineering, what a waste of life. But i recently realized if i still do the job i don’t love, what i waste is the rest 50 years of my life. comparing with that, 7 years is short. so i decide to get a new start at my 25:

Diving into the world of programming and design.

i know this is very hard. and i know i don’t love coding and designing so much, but i love it much more than civi engineering. so it is worth trying.

i always think it is very lucky for someone to find what he or she loves deeply in the early age. but not everybody can find that. i am still at my 20s, i will keep looking for what i love to do and don’t give up.

hope it works

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