A Leap Forward

There’s a lot to celebrate with yesterday’s milestone elections.

We have a LOT to celebrate from last night.

We flipped at least 29 House seats — and very likely will flip several more over the coming days.

Democrats now control the U.S. House of Representatives.

We flipped 7 governorships.

We flipped 6 state legislative chambers — and 7 since Trump took office.

We broke 4 Republican supermajorities in state legislatures.

We flipped 3 state Supreme Court seats.

We flipped at least 1 Senate seat in Nevada.

We’ve flipped more than 330 state legislative seats this cycle.

Some of the most divisive and harmful Republicans around the country were defeated soundly last night, from Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who built the game plan for destroying unions and working folks’ power in his state over the last decade; to Russia’s favorite Congressman, Dana Rohrabacher of California; and Kris Kobach, the Kansas Secretary of State who took Republican voter suppression measures to new extremes in his state.

In Washington State, we’re leading in 7 Republican-held state House races and 2 Republican-held state Senate races — and we are within striking distance in many more. And we’re on the precipice of electing Dr. Kim Schrier and flipping the 8th Congressional District.

Across Washington State and across the country, Democrats have dug in and are doing the work to take our country back, seat by seat, legislative chamber by legislative chamber, state by state. Last night was a leap forward in that mission, and Democrats everywhere can celebrate this milestone.