Dino Rossi Doubles Down on Silencing Voters

He’s trying to hide the $414,100 the NRA spent supporting him.

Dino Rossi has insulated himself from public access and scrutiny. He almost never makes public appearances. He only talks to the media when they write or air favorable stories without input from Democrats. And yet, he still thinks the voters of the 8th Congressional District should elect him to Congress.

With no other avenues for public discussion with Rossi, the people in the 8th District have taken to social media — especially Rossi’s Facebook page — the only forum that exists where they can interact with him publicly.

We posted on Friday about how Rossi has been hiding and possibly deleting comments from voters who ask questions about his stance on common-sense gun reform or even mention the $414,100 that the NRA spent supporting him in his failed 2010 race for U.S. Senate.

On Saturday, many readers left their own comments on Rossi’s Facebook posts, asking again about his position on guns and inquiring as to why he was hiding comments.

Dino Rossi doubled down and hid or deleted all posts that mentioned either guns or his practice of hiding comments.

Below is a set of screenshots of the comments in the “GO TEAM USA” graphic post we focused on in Friday’s post. The screenshot on the left was taken Saturday morning. The one on the right was taken Saturday evening. The arrows show comments that were hidden or deleted, and the lines span reply threads that were hidden or deleted along with the comments.

Three comments and two replies in this thread were about two topics Dino apparently finds taboo: his relation to the NRA and his propensity to hide or delete comments. So he hid or deleted them all.

Understandably frustrated, people in the 8th District started posting comments under other posts on Rossi’s page, asking simple questions about his position on implementing common-sense gun reforms. Rossi hid or deleted those comments as well.

These comments were posted on Dino’s latest post about his need for volunteers. The image on the left is from Saturday morning. The image on the right is from Saturday evening.
Dino hid another comment on Saturday that called him out for hiding comments, this time on his post about his visit to the Black Diamond Historical Depot Muesum.
More comments Dino decided to hide, this time on a post featuring an article written about Rossi in the Wenatchee World.

Americans everywhere are frustrated. They feel ignored by NRA-allied Republicans who offer no solutions in the wake of increasingly common mass shootings yet still accept money and support from the NRA without clearly explaining their position to their constituents.

What is Dino to do? Abandon the NRA?

Dino Rossi’s silence and his habit of hiding questions about his gun lobby connections show that he will be no different if elected. He feels entitled to a seat in Congress without listening to — or even acknowledging — voters’ concerns or questions.

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