Washington State Democrats Steal Republican Dino Rossi’s Hashtag; Launch www.TeamDino.com

www.TeamDino.com shines spotlight on who really makes up #TeamDino and whom Republican Dino Rossi is really looking out for

On the one year anniversary of career politician Republican Dino Rossi announcing his run for Congress, the Washington State Democratic Party is launching a new digital campaign to expose who really makes up Republican Dino Rossi’s team.

For the last six months, Republican Dino Rossi has used the hashtag #TeamDino all over his social media posts, garnering more than 100,000 impressions on Twitter in the past week alone. Unfortunately for Team Dino, they forgot to buy the domain name to go along with their popular hashtag.

Today, the Washington State Democratic Party is proud to unveil www.TeamDino.com.

Washington State Democratic Party Chair Tina Podlodowski, said, “Republican Dino Rossi is hoping he can flash a smile and convince people that he is a moderate — but the truth is Dino Rossi is a far-right conservative whose values are wildly out of touch with those of the voters in the 8th Congressional District. We are launching TeamDino.com today so voters can see for themselves who really makes up #TeamDino.”

Watch the Facebook Live launch of www.TeamDino.com here.

TeamDino.com, which was produced entirely in-house by the Washington State Democratic Party’s Digital Team, features an interactive roster highlighting the ultra-conservative individuals and groups making up the backbone of Republican Dino Rossi’s team.

Meet the #TeamDino roster (click each team member’s name for even more information — and remember to check back for additions):


MATT MANWELLERfired from CWU after an investigation found he engaged in a pattern of inappropriate behavior with female students, Manweller was previously a top advisor to Rossi, and Rossi proudly touted Manweller’s endorsement in a recent press release.


CHARLES AND DAVID KOCHa pair of billionaire financiers who fund the campaigns of ideologically rigid right-wing candidates in races across the country, and have gone all in for Rossi.


MIKE PENCEan early investor in Rossi’s congressional campaign; Dino Rossi was the first non-incumbent to receive backing from Pence’s PAC.


PETER ZIEVEDiscriminatory employer and an anti-Muslim extremist, Zieve is a huge supporter of Dino Rossi. He’s given Rossi’s campaign the maximum donation allowed by law.


DONALD TRUMPAt the 2016 Republican National Convention, Rossi was a Trump delegate who quashed attempts by other Republicans to nominate another candidate. Trump repaid Rossi by donating to his campaign.


MATT SHEAis a Rossi supporter, and the two spoke at the Douglas County Republicans’ Lincoln Day dinner in May, with Matt Shea calling for secession and Dino Rossi seemingly going along with it.


PAUL RYANis such a fan of Dino Rossi, Ryan’s super PAC put $3.5 million into ad buys for Rossi’s campaign.


KEVIN MCCARTHYthe House Majority Leader has fundraised for Rossi this year, and McCarthy’s PAC has given Rossi $10,000 this cycle.

Learn more about #TeamDino at www.TeamDino.com.

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