Building a better team!

I just woke up from an 11 hour desperately needed sleep marathon - totally worth it! This weekend, our PR-Lead Louis and Team-Lead Manfred had cooked up a team building event that we won’t forget for a while.

After a full week of working on our Hyperloop Pod and a surprise snow storm, we arrived at a youth hostel near the beautiful lake Tegernsee last Friday in the early evening - the perfect time to squeeze in one last work session and to relax over a couple of “Tegernseer” beers.

Thankfully we woke up to awesome weather on Saturday, ready to be joined by the team building expert Thomas, founder of, and his colleague! If you’re ever searching for someone to strengthen your team, look no further.

Thomas, founder of giving our team the current game instructions

Thomas divided us up into small teams of people that usually wouldn’t have too much to do with each other, and made us compete in games that forced us to really work together.

Synchronize your team and finish the parkour, let’s just say it wasn’t easy!

Now to be honest, I was really surprised at how playing these kinds of games impacted the general team spirit. WARR Hyperloop currently consists of 32 team members which means it can sometimes happen that two people from different areas never really have to talk to each other.

This game had us maneuver a golf ball through a labyrinth of pitfalls — not as easy as it sounds!

While obviously all of our team members are working hard towards the goal of competing in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition, this team building event made me feel much more connected with the team as a whole! A result that is probably often underrated and was definitely appreciated by everyone at the end of the day! Thanks again to die Schrittmacher for organizing this awesome event.

Everyone showing off their slingshots after the final game!

The last day was reserved for not only strengthening our team but equally our muscles in a high wire tree top adventure park. Taking the zipline off a platform 20 meters up in the trees definitely got everyone’s heart racing! Sitting together for a last “Radler” beer, surrounded by the sweet Alps was the perfect way to end our trip. Time to get back to work!

Everyone harnessed in!