Our next Hyperloop design is now in the hands of SpaceX and waiting for approval!

(Re-published from February 28th)

It’s been all go in recent weeks at WARR Hyperloop headquarters. As designs were gradually finalized for pod 2, the new renderings came streaming in, and we got to see our vision come to life in all-virtual glory. That everything ran relatively smoothly showed how well the individual systems came together, and was a credit to the hard work each subteam put into coordinating with and working for the others.

One of the very early drafts of our Hyperloop pod shell

This was a relief, for we are in the middle of the exam period here at TUM — I don’t want to count how many hours have been spent producing slides in recent weeks, nor how many hours of sleep have been replaced by overnight cramming for that exam tomorrow which somehow got sidelined. We apologise to our professors!

The exam phase did serve to give us a little more quiet on campus than we are used to, although our meetings, which for the first time featured cool pictures, garnered a lot of attention from onlookers, who enjoyed a pre-rollout glimpse into the brand new design. Rarely absent from headquarters were our colleagues Move-II, who have also reached an exciting phase in their nanosatellite project.

After three days of solid editing, sustained in the traditional style with pizza and beer, we uploaded our presentation to SpaceX’s server, and off it went, without so much as a last-minute network connectivity issue.

Although we won’t hear a decision from SpaceX for a few agonizing weeks, we have a happy sense of achievement and momentum. And despite all the exhaustion and relief, this is no time to take a foot off the gas pedal. The hard work is just beginning, and we hope you will be right here with us along the way. We will work hard to keep you informed, so stay tuned for details on our progress as we move into the manufacturing phase, upcoming engagements, and of course the eventual rollout.

Time to build a pod!