What it takes to advance in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition without an interview

Psst. WARR Hyperloop 2 under (virtual) construction!

In a nutshell: At the end of february we committed our WARR Hyperloop 2 Final Design Package to SpaceX. About a week later we received an invitation to Los Angeles to participate in the second Hyperloop Competition at the end of August 2017. SpaceX said that our design package was so good that no further interview was needed. How’s that for a start?

Let’s be honest, nobody in our team was sure about whether or not to share this info with anyone. After all, engineers prefer to tinker with their designs and do a ton of tests far away from the spotlight until they are 99.9% sure it’s going to work. Then, if they do well in the Hyperloop competition, they are happy to take some credit for it.

Working on one of the countless design iterations

To put things into perspective, we have no idea how many teams were allowed to skip the dreaded final design interview at SpaceX. All we actually know is that 24 teams have been invited to compete against each other in late August 2017. They all must have amazing designs to have got this far! They are all excited to compete! And they are all working towards one goal: changing the future of transportation!

In those terms let’s talk about what’s next for us. We are currently in touch with a lot of sponsors, who are amazing at supporting us with excellent knowledge, products or are financing our production costs. We are still working out kinks in the design, improving the last bits and iterating more. Everyone knows that a final design version of such an ambitious project is only valid until there is a final final version. Since the next step is production of the pod, we are happy to have secured a workshop at our beloved MakerSpace. To keep the costs down while learning new stuff, we are working on producing our own parts again. This time we can use an amazing CNC mill, who doesn’t get excited about this?

HAAS VF-2 CNC (image credit: MakerSpace)

We have received a ton of requests about the unveiling of our design. To make sure you are one of the first to see it, sign up to our newsletter here. For now, I’m only allowed to share this with you:

Oh and to get back to the question of what it takes to advance to the competition without an interview, that’s a fairly easy equation:

What it takes to get to the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition