Moving to Omaha from Southern California (not once but twice), LinkedIn’s Yvonne Nickels was laser focused on 2 goals: Supporting her family and creating a flourishing career! As a proud mom accomplishing both of these goals, Yvonne now encourages others to reach for the stars and accomplish their dreams! Hear more from Yvonne on her path to the #SiliconPrairie:

Haner: Tell us a bit about your childhood. Where did you grow up?

Yvonne: I was born as the middle child into a family of 3 children in Tampa, FL. We moved to Hacienda Heights, CA and lived in several different…

Growing up in Omaha, NE, Jacqueline Glassman always wanted to lead a company. Little did she know that her studies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha would lead her to a career in tech. She’s also been a supreme example of what motherhood in a professional setting looks like — harmonizing the demands of raising her children while accelerating in her career. Learn more about Jacqueline’s journey to Proxibid in the interview below:

Haner: Tell us a bit about your childhood. Where did you grow up?

Jaqueline: I grew up in the north end of Omaha, NE near an…

As we conclude Hispanic Heritage Month, I’m excited to feature another LatinX professional in The Silicon Prairie! Angela Brauer is a Missouri native whose passion for journalism and news led her on a winding road into Tech via digital advertising! Now a regional sales leader at LinkedIn, read Angela’s interview and her advice for others interested in the Tech Industry:

Family is one of those values that is quintessentially Midwestern. Family is often where our values are formed, networks take root and our identities established. For Mana Farahani however, it’s also been a core part of her career transition into tech! Read more from Mana about her background, transition into Yahoo (now Verizon Media) and her advice for others interested in the Tech Industry:

Haner: I believe you have a twin sister, is that true?

Mana: Yes, my identical twin sister is Christina and she has always truly been my other-half. …

We often hear of folks migrating from the Midwest to the coasts but Austin Paynehas never gone with the grain! Moving from Sacramento, to Nebraska and then to North Dakota, not only did Austin excel in his basketball career, he also found his home in tech! Read more from Austin about his background, transition into the midwest lifestyle and his advice for others interested in the Tech Industry :

For the past ~6 years, Sara Johnson has been advising advertising clients on their digital strategies as well as leading teams of account managers — but that wasn’t always the case! A small town Nebraska native, Sara comes from a background in insurance, healthcare and banking. Her transition into tech has come from a love of change, challenge and constant personal growth. Hear more from Sara on her background, transition into tech and advice for others in the interview below:

Haner: Tell us about your background. Where did you grow up? …

From farming to App Development — Tara Stava has left her fingerprints on Buildertrend. Tara grew up in rural Nebraska and her exposure to “tech” was an Apple IIe and “The Oregon Trail Game”. As she got older, Tara (with the encouragement and support of family and friends) established a true love for development and engineering! We’re so proud that the #SiliconPrairie is a place for those of all backgrounds and experiences to thrive — including a successful young woman who, as a child, wanted to illustrate books!

Haner: Tell us a bit about your background. Where did you grow…

More than 10,000 fans packed Omaha’s #Maha11 Festival Saturday night to hear Lizzo — the pop-rap-hip-hop feminist icon belt out her music. “I’ve been playing festivals since the beginning of time. But I’ve never headlined,” she said to the sold-out crowd according to “When I saw all of y’all getting lit already, saying my name … I showed up. I got so excited.” The crowd went wild.

Lizzo’s on her break-out tour, and it feels pretty good that just as she’s turning white-hot, Omaha is breaking out too.

The Faces of The Silicon Prairie

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