How to Care for Your Horse’s Health

If you are one of many students at private boarding schools who owns a horse, chances are your horse is one of your top priorities. Like any other animal, horses require a lot of care. Here are some basic tips on how to ensure your horse stays in good health.

Meal Time

One of the most obvious ways to take care of your horse is by making sure they are eating properly. Because horses are used to grazing, you will need to make sure that your horse is eating frequently but that its meal sizes are rather small. Private boarding schools have hectic schedules but you will need to fit in time to get your horse all its meals.

Hay Before Grain

You will always want to feed your horse hay before grain, especially when the horse is a baby. Feeding your horse hay first will give it something to do and take some attention off its hunger. By the time your horse receives its grain, it will be more likely to eat slower and digest the food at a slower pace.

Reading Vitals

This step can be a bit tricky but knowing how to read your horse’s vitals can be very helpful. This is generally not something you can learn on your own, so you will want to consult an expert. If you are familiar with your horse’s regular vitals, you will easily be able to tell when something is wrong.


Though boarding high schools are often equipped with horse boarding facilities, you will still want to make sure that your horse is receiving proper care. You will want to keep your horse nicely groomed. You also want to ensure that your horse has all the proper equipment such as saddles and harnesses.

Special Circumstances

Your horse may require special attention. Take into account the age of your horse. The dietary restrictions may vary depending on the age of your horse. An older horse may also require closer medical attention.

Bonding Time

Like any other animal, horses thrive when they are receiving love and attention from their owners. College prep boarding schools are very demanding but it never hurts to take a break from your studies to go on a short ride with your horse. It is important to make your horse a priority in your life. These animals require a great amount of attention. If you are giving your horse the love and care it needs, it will be a great companion for you.

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