How to Train For the Rodeo: Saddle Bronc Riding

Another major rodeo event is saddle bronc riding. If you’ve studied at college prep boarding schools, then you’ve heard about saddle bronc riding. Saddle bronc riding, like bull riding, is a fast and exhilarating event that requires a fair amount of training to complete.

Saddle Bronc Riding Can Be Dangerous

The saddle bronc event is a short event, but that doesn’t make it safe. Anytime you put a person onto an angry bucking animal that weighs over 1000 pounds, there are bound to be some inherent dangers. Learning proper positions can help you avoid getting accidentally caught on a rope and dragged or trampled. If you’ve attended college prep boarding schools, you probably are already familiar with saddle bronc riding positions.

Get Into the Rhythm

You’ll notice as you watch a bucking horse during a saddle bronc event that the horse bucks rhythmically. As a rider, you’ll want to be able to time the bucks and be prepared for each one. All horses are different, so you’ll have to determine this as you’re riding. However, you can practice off the horse and in slow motion. Get your form down as you imagine the bucking horse in a rhythmic pace; then gradually speed it up.

Get an Experienced Trainer

Once you’ve reached a certain level of performance, it is beneficial to hire a trainer. An experienced trainer can help you fine tune your form through a variety of exercises. Getting a trainer will also help you avoid injuries. Training with an experienced trainer will be the extra push you need to participate in saddle bronc riding at the professional level.

Improve Through Practice

The combination of training with experience will help you improve your form and control. Attending college prep boarding schools can also help improve your skills. Every time you participate in the saddle bronc event it will give you different things to work on. Eventually you’ll be riding with the professionals at major rodeos.

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