Important Questions to Ask Your Counselor at Boarding School

Many students can be intimidated to approach their school counselor, but counselors at college prep boarding schools can be extremely useful. They have the experience to answer a lot of the questions you may have involving college applications, residential life and a variety of other things. While there are a multitude of questions that your counselor can answer, these questions are a helpful start.

What Can I Do This Summer to Prepare for College?

Summer is a great time to better prepare for college because you are not preoccupied with your school year academics. You counselor will have a variety of ideas, but make sure to ask a few months before the summer.

Do You Have Any Class Recommendations For Me?

Your counselor may be able to give you unbiased teacher recommendations that fit your learning style. They can also give you advice on which advanced or honors classes you should enroll in.

How Do I Prepare for the ACT/SAT?

College prep boarding schools may have unique programs that you have not previously heard about. A counselor can help explain them to you and direct you to the best option for your schedule.

When Should I Ask You for a Recommendation Letter?

Most colleges request that you submit a recommendation letter in your application. Counselors at college prep boarding schools have dozens of students so it is beneficial to both of you if you plan ahead. Asking your counselor ensures that you can ask at a time that works for everyone.

What Majors Do You Think I Might Excel At?

A school counselor can help narrow down possible career and major options by analyzing your transcript and discussing your interests with you. They may even be aware of an academic field you had no idea existed!

What Do Colleges Look for in My Application Essay?

School counselors have helped countless students apply to universities. They understand what colleges are looking for and can help you determine the direction of your essay.

How Can I Become Better Organized?

Organization is a big problem for many students at college prep boarding schools so your counselor will not be surprised if you ask them for guidance in this area. They can give you advice from both personal experience and experience from previous students.

How Do I Manage My Homesickness?

Homesickness is common at college prep boarding schools because it is frequently the first time that students are living away from home. Because of this, boarding high school counselors understand your feelings and will do their best to help relieve your homesickness.

School counselors exist to help students, so make sure that you take advantage of their skills. Often times it can be much more efficient to quickly ask your counselor a question about the college application process rather than using to the internet to search for answers. Additionally, a school counselor will be able to give you more personalized advice that relates to your experience at a boarding school.

Emily Leavens is an academic writer for Fusion 360, an SEO and content marketing agency. Information provided by Wasatch Academy. Follow on Twitter.