I am Suspending My 2020 Presidential Campaign But I’m Not Finished Yet

November 19, 2019



I am Suspending My 2020 Presidential Campaign But I’m Not Finished Yet

I launched my 2020 Presidential Campaign eight months ago back in March as the son of Jamaican Immigrant parents. They risked it all and left everything behind in their native land to chase the American Dream. Because of their sacrifices, I am living the American Dream they worked for and earned. Ponder this, growing up in rural sugarcane country in South Bay, Florida, I was never expected by society to be much. Despite those odds and low expectations, my life and experiences exemplifies what the Promise of America is all about. Let me explain.

I had an amazing experience serving 40,000 peers as Student Government Vice President and won a College Football National Championship at Florida State University in 1993. I have been blessed to have a successful construction management business I founded with my wife and am the proud father of three beautiful college children. If that isn’t enough, I have had the distinct honor of serving 150,000 residents as the mayor of Florida’s 13th largest city as its first African American mayor. Our city not only has the most Fortune 500 companies in South Florida but we also continue to enjoy tremendous economic growth. Together, we have led on many national issues including immigration, fighting oil drilling outside of our city in the Everglades and beating an NRA backed Florida Gun Law that penalized mayors for passing laws regulating firearms in our cities. So, when I say I love this country, I really do. For America has been good to me and my family as we have sought opportunities to serve. The bad news, however, is that my parents’ American Dream that I have benefited from, has slipped away from far too many people. Disgusted about our nation’s direction, I ran for President.

I jumped in an already crowded field of capable candidates to change the direction of this nation caused by the dysfunction of Washington and the poor leadership of the current presidency. I knew the odds were a steep hill to climb but I have always fought for what is right and will continue to break barriers never broken. Despite not getting the same early media exposure as other candidates were freely given and transferring millions of dollars from existing federal campaign accounts as many of the candidates did, my campaign shocked many by being recognized as a credible candidate, registering in polls in early states, nearly making the first debate and polling just behind the top four candidates in my battle ground state of Florida in a recent Florida Atlantic University Poll. In the end, it was not enough to continue this current race as a candidate.

Although the campaign goal of becoming President was not realized at this moment, I could not be more thankful for the many supporters including my family, friends and so many Americans I have had the awesome opportunity to meet on the campaign trail all over this nation. We have impacted this 2020 campaign in significant ways by challenging the status quo and not waiting our turn to make difference and to spark change.

We didn’t wait to shed light on the $1.6 trillion Dollars in Student Loan Debt crippling 44 Million Americans. I was the first candidate to call on the complete forgiveness of this immoral circumstance of our nation that stifles American’ s abilities to make ends meet, to start a business or even a family. I am happy that other candidates have since launched their own plans. I trust the next Democrat nominee keeps this issue as a priority. Every American who chooses to get a higher education should be able to get one without mortgaging their professional life to pay back student loans. It is a matter of Economic Security for our nation.

I will continue to be engaged during this 2020 cycle to ensure that we defeat Donald Trump. My state of Florida will be ground zero and I intend to be a factor to mobilize our state for the Democratic Party Nominee. The stakes are too high and the American people cannot afford four more years of tyranny and disrespect of our Constitution.

That is why I supported early in my campaign that congress should conduct an Impeachment Inquiry against the President and now we have learned about more misconduct. America, we can and must do better as a nation to restore our moral leadership domestically and abroad.

So, what’s next for me? I will continue to serve as mayor of our great city. I never left her and when I was traveling all of America I carried Miramar along with me from State to State showcasing our many successes. If America didn’t know Miramar before, the nation surely knows her now! Our story is just beginning to be told. There are many rumors concerning my next steps in service and they are just that, rumors. I will continue to serve our great City of Miramar, Broward County, the State of Florida and these United States of America, my late parents would want me to do so.

So, America, I have not given up hope. I know the Promise of America is still for all of us. We all can take a stand to ensure the American Dream that attracted my parents and so many others to this great nation can still be achieved.

With gratitude,

Wayne M. Messam, CGC, LEED AP, BD+C

Mayor, Miramar, Florida

Mayor of Miramar, FL. Climate-conscious business owner. Father of 3, husband. National football champion. First-generation American.

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