WBTC’s global ambitions to push for the implementation of “blockchain +”

“We call it World Bitcoin because we want to solve the practical problems in the Bitcoin Network from a global perspective and offer more diverse scenarios of applications,”said the WBTC Foundation.(http://www.wbtcteam.org

WBTC (World Bitcoin) will, based on Bitcoin, start to bifurcate at block height 503888 (estimated time: Jan. 12, 2018, Beijing time) to add new features.

Globalization 3.0 for ecological applications

Governments, research institutes and media all over the world are keeping a close eye on the development of the blockchain. In view of the rapid growth of the blockchain on a global scale, the WBTC team vows to bring the blockchain into the 3.0 era in terms of both technology and application. Compared with blockchain 1.0 and 2.0, blockchain 3.0 is characterized by an infinite platform of smart contracts, high concurrency, low fees and blocks with upper limits.

“WBTC strives to accelerate the expansion and wide application of blockchain application scenarios through a decentralized ecosystem, smart contracts, consensus mechanism and parallel multi-chain, so that more industries and clients will benefit. This is what sets blockchain 3.0 apart and also what motivates us above all.”

WBTC will push forward the ecological application of blockchain technology in the fields of gamification, copyright, content distribution, blockchain digital e-commerce and blockchain network card (CTID). Rich and diverse application scenarios are the real proof that blockchain technology has been put into practical use. That goal lies at the heart of what WBTC values.

A road map to achieve that goal:

June 2018: Establish the gamification ecological chain

Sept. 2019: Establish the copyright ecological chain

March 2019: Establish the content distribution ecological chain

July 2019: Establish the blockchain digital e-commerce chain

Dec. 2019: Establish the blockchain network card (CTID)

Speeding up the implementation of “blockchain +”

The blockchain industry has seen robust growth since 2017, interacting and mingling with a diverse range of industries in innovative ways. In such areas as financial service, food security and culture and entertainment, concepts in blockchain technology have already been adopted in real life. Just like “Internet +”, “blockchain +” will have a significant impact on the upgrade of the whole industry and WBTC will spearhead that change.

WBTC, with its highly competent core members, will make the blockchain accessible to ordinary people. Only by bringing Bitcoin and blockchain technology to the public can blockchain application expect a real boom and traditional industries experience a meaningful upgrade.