Day 16 — Popup / Overlay

My design of a Game Over popup screen


There are 4 interaction points on this screen- Retry, Return to Menu, Share to Facebook and Share to Twitter.

The Game Over text and the graphic of a character being smushed are both prominent to quickly inform the player that they have lost. These two elements are also a different color scheme from the rest to further stand out.

Shadows were added to most elements to make them pop and to make the overall look be less flat.


Once I hammered down a theme — a Game Over screen for a mobile game — the rest came fairly simple. Initially, the only interactions on the page were the Retry and Return to Menu buttons. I then decided to add a player score primarily to fill out the page, which led to the desire to have a means of sharing this score. Unfortunately, I did not spend enough time researching other Game Over screens after deciding to have a player score. If I had, I likely would have fleshed out that feature to include a link to a leaderboard as well as some representation of how this current score compares to the player’s history (is it their high score?)

Visually, I started by finding a bitmap image I liked, and then designed a color theme around that. Kirby is pink, so I wanted to keep to soft colors. I looked at the box art for past Kirby games for inspiration, which led to the yellow and blue theme I ended up with.

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